Should I drink instant coffee?

Properly cook the coffee beans - is anart. For the preparation of soluble coffee powder only needs itself, and a cup of boiling water, and because more than half of the coffee are willing to sacrifice the delicious taste and use dubious cocktail of flavors with caffeine.

Should I drink instant coffee?

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Instant coffee was invented at the dawn of the last century. According to one version, it was done for the needs of the US Army - in the trenches once fiddle with pots and drink a refreshing drink you want. Apparently, the aspirations of the military departments conveniently coincided with the wishes of the Brazilian Government. In this Latin American country has always produced too many beans and coffee - a very perishable product: it quickly loses its flavor, it is difficult to store, you need to follow a certain humidity and temperature. And because grown and harvested grain often rot and spoil even at home.

The method to preserve the "Brazilian Gold" has already searchedlong. The solution was very simple: a long time stored dried foods - coffee ... need to dry. Thus was the first form of instant coffee - powder. Grains are roasted, crushed and treated for several hours with hot water - that is, in fact, very strong brewed coffee. The resulting highly concentrated liquor was dried and turned into powder. There is such coffee cheapest, but also nutrients in it are left. In the last step in the powder is added fragrances to smell it a little bit like a natural, or, on the contrary, give it the flavor of coconut and amaretto, vanilla or chocolate. Unscrupulous manufacturers can make coffee out of a damp, off-grade grain, and smells like a third-party help to sell low-quality goods.

After a few decades, in the 1930s, it wasinvented another type of coffee, which is now to be found in any store - granulated, it is agglomerated. First, all is the same as the powder, but then the coffee powder is moistened again grains stick together to form granules. It is believed that the taste of the drink from these manipulations is a more enjoyable, eventful.

And finally, just half a century ago, there was a thirdtype of coffee - freeze-dried, it is frozen or "freeze-Dryden". The coffee extract is first frozen and then it waits for cold drying under vacuum. It is believed that this coffee is almost no way inferior to the natural one, because it is not subjected to heat treatment, and retains all the organoleptic properties of the fresh product, and if we drink fast food drink, it is better to stop on sublimated. However, in the stores shoppers often pass by this coffee - it is the most expensive.

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Should I drink instant coffee or give preference to coffee brewed from beans? Here are some facts to help you compare these two drinks.

At the instant coffee has certain advantages: it can be stored for a long time, and then quickly cook. Perhaps, at this end of his dignity.

After collection of sorted grain. Most are sold as a whole, and the smallest damaged, but sometimes husks too - it all goes to the production of soluble coffee extract for a drink.
The instant coffee is almost never usedprecious Arabica beans. Why do it if you can get a cheaper variety - Robusta? For thin qualitative characteristic aroma of Arabica still lost!

Instant coffee, many people find it moreinvigorating. Firstly, because Robusta contains more caffeine than arabica. Secondly, manufacturers, seeking to preserve the taste of the drink and to bring "life-giving" effect, caffeine is added later. Therefore, drinking a cup of instant potion, one feels energized, and that's how it is reflected in his heart? All is good in moderation - both created by the nature of the grains.
There is an inverse trend: Caffeine, on the other hand, "pull" and make a "useful coffee» - without caffeine. That's just why you need a drink that does not contain any nutrients, but still not giving any shred of courage?

Even if you manage to find your favorite, mostdelicious variety of instant coffee on a regular basis to buy it will not be easy. This product is very often counterfeited. A few years ago, opening a tightly sealed jar, it was possible to detect even the garbage. In recent years, counterfeiters do not act so brazenly, but the danger instead of quality coffee to buy something created in the clandestine factories in violation of technology is great enough. However, consumers may not notice this, especially if the coffee "improved" fair portion of the flavoring.

Production of a good instant coffee is expensive, but because the price
This drink is cheaper than coffee beans.
Manufacturers seeking to save, not alwayspay attention to the packaging of cheap instant coffee. The powder is sometimes acquires smell of mustiness and cans can give coffee unpleasant metallic paint or the aroma and flavor.