Sergey Bezrukov

Sergey Bezrukov


Born in Moscow in a family of theater actors Satire Vitaly Bezrukov. His father named him in honor of Sergey immensely beloved poet Sergei Yesenin.

Vitaly Bezrukov rather cautious attitude toson intention of becoming an actor. But when Sergey participated in school plays, Bezrukov Sr. taught him not to play, and live a life on the stage. At fourteen, when Sergei had a chance to play Leonidika in the play "My Poor Marat", he remembered my feelings - hungry, cold, flickering fire-stoves stove ... His father taught him to feel it.

Sergey Bezrukov


After school Sergei Bezrukov admitted toSchool of the Moscow Art Theatre Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov course. He, according to Sergei, "taught us to hardship acting profession. Concessions did anyone, although many from the thought that I was his favorite. And he's just very good to me, but it did not give me the right to any benefits. I myself went bad, the institute graduated with honors. "

Even during the study began playing in the theater of his teacher - Theatre under the direction of O.P.Tabakova, which was adopted in 1994 after graduation.

In the theater Bezrukov played in the performances: "The Passion of Bumbarash" (Student) "Inspector" (quarterly), "Biloxi Blues" (Eugene Jerome), "Overstocked Packaging Barrels" (Telescope), "Sailor's Silence" (David Schwartz), "finest hour local time" (Saratov), ​​"Jokes" (Kalinevich and Stupak), "The Last" (Peter), "Psycho" (Alexander). For his theatrical works, Sergei Bezrukov awarded many prizes.

In addition to the Theatre under the direction of OP Tabakova Bezrukov played in various theatrical projects, entreprise "Temptation", "witch" (Theatrical Agency «XXI Century Art Partner"). Busy in the Chekhov Art Theater. AP Chekhov's plays "Amadeus" (Mozart), "Holy Fire" (Maurice Tebret).

Sergey Bezrukov