Secrets of a beautiful gait

Not all women know how to properly andnice walk. Some seeds, others twirl their hips, others shake their shoulders. Meanwhile, proper nice gait is capable of, firstly, to hide many of the shortcomings of your body, and secondly, advantageous to emphasize dignity.

Secrets of a beautiful gait

Mostly correct gait depends onTogo. how do you keep your head and back, plus how you set foot. Additional features -. movements of the arms and torso, as well as shoes, "HOW TO WALK AND BEAUTIFUL 'should be updated - where to go exactly. Most women never step podium useful. Therefore, there is a recipe a beautiful gait on every day.

First of all, take it a rule not to gofast - going to work, highlight yourself time on the road with a reserve. The correct formulation of the foot - toes slightly deployed in different directions. The ideal line of movement for women - when the heels are like in a straight line. Podium pace "eight", that is vzahlest, ugly. And well put his feet when walking is not necessary, if you are, of course, do not rehearse masculine gait. The important thing during training right to go - forward foot moves first, and then the body. In no case shall not vice versa. And the walk is not smooth, calm and choppy.

and other error may occur - at eachstep you start to bounce slightly. Length correct step should equal the length of your foot unshod. You would think that in this case will be mincing gait? Nothing like this. One has only to try, and you will see that go well not only correct but also very convenient. Especially because at the wider step will inevitably arise pushing the body, racing head up.
Correctly and beautifully to go to high heels -special science. On the heels purely physiologically easier walk clubfoot. Keep an eye on the fact that puts the foot in gait toes apart, but not inside. in shoes with very high heels are often not put first foot on the heel, and come at once to the entire foot. But beautiful if you still heel raises before - even for a split second. The fact that the attack first-to-toe, and then the heel should not, and say nothing - such gait is strange. Many people in high heels shoes on walking on bent legs. Remember that the leg on which you are currently shifted the center of gravity must be straight. By the way, having strong legs, walk properly high heels much easier.

The basis of a beautiful gait - right posture. Posture is called habitual posture, demeanor person standing and sitting. Evaluate your posture is usually in a standing position; with good posture head and body are on the same vertical, chest lifted, belly, belly bulge is not, if you look back, the shoulders should be located on one level, and blades are pressed. It is from this posture you can easily learn to walk properly. If you have a large mirror, you can check your posture at home. Stand close to a mirror and a chalk mark on both sides point of the ear, the middle of the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle. Then connect the dots and see how these lines are straight.

To learn how to correctly and beautifully to go toposture was beautiful, you must first learn to walk, but first and foremost the right to hold shoulders and head. To do this, stand in front of a mirror, put your head up and align the shoulder line. Hold this position for 1 minute, then close your eyes, relax, shake your head, take a few rotations shoulders and try again to take again to take the correct position. Opening his eyes, check yourself, your gait. This exercise should be repeated as often as possible until you can walk in that position.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is oftenplain wrong gait, stooped posture developed by uncertainty in itself. A woman should know that each is beautiful and unique, and learn walk properly - a trick and desires. Repeat this to yourself often. From these thoughts themselves straightened his shoulders, the gait becomes more confident.