Proper use of the phrases in the correspondence in English

1) God, it's you again .... - Thank you very much for your email.

Proper use of the phrases in the correspondence in English

2) If you do not give up tomorrow documentsblame yourself. Here you do not have children sad.- We will do our best to proceed with your request however for the best result the documents should reach us not later than tomorrow.

3) Do you know how to read? - You can find this information below.

4) How much can you recall -! Kind reminder

5) Is it so difficult to sign a document where you want - Please sign in the place marked with yellow sticker

6) What do you have in school was math? - Let's reconfirm the figures.

7) We'd better do it sami.- Thank you for your kind assistance.

8) I have a hundred times you sent it. - Kindly find attached.

9) Oh, now it will throw and run deal. - I'll look into it and revert soonest.

10) Yes, you understand at last - Please kindly review the matter again.

11) I hope that now you will no longer bother with questions - I hope this helps, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

12) What are you boring ... - Thank you for your patience

13) Do not even hope that we will open your account - We will let you know in due course.

14) We are not the scale to tinker with your trifle - We would be happy to offer you the most favourable conditions on the case-to-case basis.

15) That's when you grow up, and then prihodite.- So if you have eventually some needs from your clientele, it can have a real

16) Oh, oh, I frightened! - We regret to know that you are not satisfied with our services.

17) Well, please. Not very much and wanted. - We look forward to hearing from you.

18) At least leave me alone already on Friday. - Good to hear from you and have a nice weekend

19) services will be paid. May be. - Thanks a lot in advance

20) Yes, you know where to go ... - We consider the matter settled and close our files.

21) Ha-ha-ha - Very best regards