Products that treat

The average person eats for life 20- 25 tonnes of food. It is not known what percentage of healthy and wholesome food, but definitely this number decreases every year. On the dangers of fast food, I think, you know, and so, so let's talk about which products, on the contrary, benefit to our body.

The healing properties of food known to mankind since ancient times. Naturally, this is not a panacea for all ills, but a definite impact on the health of the food certainly has.

Products that treat

Oranges are useful in diseases of the gums and atrophymuscles, as they weaken the asthmatic symptoms. Orange juice is useful as a cancer prevention. Regular use helps with acute respiratory diseases, and lowers blood pressure. Orange peel helps to cope with insomnia.
In total there are about three hundred varieties of oranges,and, interestingly, it does not occur in the wild-growing form. In the Renaissance, the oranges were very expensive, because it was thought that they distilled the plague.

Products that treat

Bananas protect the lining of the stomach from the effects ofspicy and salty foods. They are useful for digestion, banana fans rarely have stomach problems. Bananas stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut. As a result, it weakens the influence of the intestinal microflora of toxins and improves absorption of nutrients.

Interestingly, bananas - it is, in fact,giant grass. His herbal stem dies after it grows a bunch of bananas - yellow, green or red. Mass clusters can reach fifty kilos.

Wild bananas, unlike grown for sale, contain a large number of large pits.

Products that treat

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