Photo, biography and filmography of the actor Johnny Depp / Johnny Depp

Photo, biography and filmography of the actor Johnny Depp / Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp was born on June 9, 1963 in a smallAmerican town of Owensboro, Kentucky, the son of an engineer and a waitress. When Johnny was 7 years old, his family moved to Florida, where his father was offered a promotion in one of the seaside towns.

Externally, the family seemed happy, but at theactually fared well: father constantly drank, beat her mother, abused children. Older brother Danny took refuge in books, he loved Kerouac, the Beat poetry and the music of Van Morrisson. Johnny found another solution: try to be at home as little as possible. Nights in Florida warm - you can spend the night on the street. Johnny dug himself a cave in the yard and hid in it, imagining that it was his kingdom, terribly afraid at the same time that it will cover everything. A few years ago, he put up a different kind of tests, such as walking on the roof of the eighth floor. He will become a great warrior, not a great poet, musician or writer.

Johnny was 10 years old when he first came to thesermon read by his uncle, a preacher. "I was shocked - he recalls. - Uncle said, "Repent, save your soul!" - And grown men crying like children. " Since then, Johnny often imagined how will take the stage in front of a crowd and bring her along. Where? He did not know.

Constant moving, changing houses, which began inthis time, as well as the death of his grandfather, with whom Depp spent his childhood, postponed a negative mark on the child's mind, and the boy went to school completely without any interest and did not differ ever cheerful disposition. With 12 years began to smoke and indulge in alcohol, and 13 lost his virginity. The situation is complicated divorce of parents: Depp, who was then 15 years old, began to use drugs and quickly flew out of school. He hated school, considering it an attack on freedom of the individual. By that time, John had already given up on their ancestors and lived their lives. "It's perfectly normal - he says. - If the school is boring and nothing to do at home, you begin to experiment. " Johnny quickly found himself another hobby - he was seriously ill with music. When Johnny was 12 years old, his mother bought him an electric guitar for $ 25, and Depp, independently mastered the tool, never parted with it.

Youth and music

After leaving the house, 16-year-old "experimenter" I began to live in a car buddy to eat earning a laborer at a construction site, and all the free time gave the rock music.

He started playing in one of the amateur teams. Speaking in the local bars and clubs, young rockers started to earn his first fees and Johnny even began to think seriously about continuing musical career. However, things were not going in a group, the children had to earn his living by laboring here and there, and in the end, the band ceased to exist, and has not reached the extreme popularity. For 4 years he has participated in 14 "garage bands", which, as a rule, quickly disintegrated.

In the 20 years he was lucky, he was the guitarist insemi «The Kids» group, which soon resounded in Florida as local Sex Pistols. Then Johnny first realized quite clearly that such success. It is this team and saw the famous musician bully Iggy Pop, whom Depp subsequently had to communicate and on the basis of cinema. This group and "warmed up" the audience before the concert Iggy. Johnny loves music and, if possible, do not miss the moment to play the guitar. So, at the request of friends from the band "Oasis", he played a guitar solo in their song «Fade In-Out», participated in 1991 in the music video of the song «Into the Great Wide Open» at the request of the singer Tom Petty. In his spare time, Johnny sometimes played with the band Rock City Angels, hoping to make a career in music.

Now Depp is a member of the group "P", wherewith him playing Gibby Gaines, guitarist Bill Carter, a former musician of the 'Sex Pistols' Steve Jones, Bloch of "Red Hot Chilli Peppers" Sal and Yankey. Musical career as Johnny and did not work.

In 20 years, Depp married Lori Allison, sisterone of the musicians «The Kids» group. Playing in the group did not bring money. Johnny sometimes selling pens over the phone to make a couple of bucks for lunch, and sometimes he was digging ditches or carried the pizza. Laurie could not stand such a life, and divorced two years later, Johnny. They remained friends, it was she who introduced Johnny (who at that time worked as a loader at a construction site) with her new lover Nicolas Cage. He already had a couple of roles in movies. ke
ydzh Depp and immediately found a common language, and Johnny Cage proposed a "just in case" to come to his agent. So Johnny started a completely different career - the movie.


Appearance Depp, his look and demeanorimpressed the agent, and he immediately sent him to audition in the film, which became a milestone in the genre of horror. As a result, the next sex symbol got its first small role in the film Wace Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street» / Nightmare on Elm Street /. Johnny came expecting, at best, on the episode, and unexpectedly received a major role. We can say that he was lucky? Directed by Wes Craven, who chose one of the main roles of the unknown guy with no acting experience, he believes that luck is not Johnny, and he was the director. "In contrast to the pretty boys, that agents sent me, Johnny was a true - then remembers Craven. - It felt a patina of time, his time - the 80s. He smoked incessantly, his fingers were yellow from nicotine. This young guy felt old soul. I decided to check the correctness of their choice on her teenage daughter and her friend. Of all the girls sample selected "Darling Johnny". They cried out that it is "the thing" - and in large doses, "Up to this moment, Johnny had never stood in front of the camera!. However, as the first day of filming, he was so calm and relaxed, so naturally spoke his lines so well entered in its role as Craven decided Agent, warning him of an inexperienced guy with someone confused him.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" was a huge success inbox, and Johnny noticed. He is inexperienced, immediately agreed to star in the film "Private Resort", in which he for the first time had to appear before the camera in the nude. Then he was called to the TV, and he began to play a guest role, because of their well-paid, and John still wanted to accumulate enough capital to co-produce his own music album. But his first acting fees Depp spent on much-needed him while acting lessons, after which he managed to get a small role in the Oscar-winning drama Oliver Stone's "Platoon» / Platoon /. Johnny willingly agreed to Stone's proposal flattered the opportunity to leave for three months, the Philippines and work with famous actors. A returning found that the agent got him a job on television in the youth series "Jump Street, 21" / 21 Jump Street / the role of one of the detectives working undercover in schools and fighting youth crime. However, the actor found himself above participate in telepostanovkah and initially refused to work in the project and did not sign a contract for several years. In this role has been taken by someone else, but it seems something is not arranged studio executives, and after a while they still sent a proposal to re-Depp, offering him 45 thousand dollars per episode. Depp hesitated. At this time, Johnny agents managed to persuade him to agree, citing the fact that the series will likely not last more than a year, after which it will be possible to return to the great movie. Depp has learned that the show will be his partner is his favorite actor Frederic Forrest. But the hero Forrest withdrew from the scene in a few episodes. The series became a hit, and Depp - a favorite of the public, resulting in his return to the big screen had to be delayed by as much as three years. That just was not doing Johnny to leave the show! Scandals with screenwriter and director, used drugs. Once he burned the clothes hated character, which he did not like. Once I punched in the face to the producer. He got away with it: the audience sent him on 10 thousand enthusiastic letters every month. Most of his enraged ladies letter, in which were invested their panties or pubic hair. Despite the success, Johnny hated the idea of ​​the role of the youth idol.

Photo, biography and filmography of the actor Johnny Depp / Johnny Depp

In 1990, during a break between seasons, he threwanother focus - played a major role in the film "Cry-Baby» / Cry-Baby / controversial director John Waters, vospevatelya all human vices. Depp played the parody on his television roles - raznezhennogo handsome and pet female leader merry rockabilly who oppose sleek boys from noble families. By signing a contract with him, the director said that this film Johnny kill their image. Johnny said, and it has been conceived. But even satirical role has not diminished the popularity of Johnny in the youth environment. After the "Moaning" Johnny began to seriously overcome fans. Beau tried to control myself and did not spoil the image. And when the next scandal after it was decided to replace the show on another actor in the studio rushed a powerful barrage of protests that producers were forced, reluctantly, to return "this bugger." By the time the picture came out, "Edward Scissorhands» / Edward Scissorhands / Tim Burton. Although most tarnished reputation in Hollywood Burton was delighted with the gloomy charm Johnny. Later, Burton lift Johnny in three of his paintings, was invited to voice cartoon. On the set of "Edward Scissorhands," the actor struck up a romance with co-star Winona Ryder, which lasted about three years and ended with a loud rupture - Depp even had to correct his tattooed "Winona is Forever" on the «Wino Forever». By the way, on the body of Johnny, there are 13 different tattoos.

Photo, biography and filmography of the actor Johnny Depp / Johnny Depp