Oriental dancing for a beautiful figure

Oriental dance - one of the most populardance trends of recent years. Sophisticated, sensual and breathtakingly beautiful, belly dancing has already won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Oriental dance - of course, women's art that carries into the world the love, beauty, harmony. It is useful to girls and women of all ages, from elementary school girls, to give the most serious "elegant" years.

Dance, like any physical activity, due tostrengthening of the muscles causes the activation of the blood circulation throughout the body, improves heart, strengthens blood vessels and helps burn excess fat. Prolonged occupation belly dancing has adjusted figure. Remember the Asian Women's standard of beauty: slender waist, well-developed breasts, rounded hips. The elements of belly dance promote redistribution of subcutaneous deposits, and the figure is changing. The body becomes beautiful contours due to the fact that exercise and stretch the muscles of the waist, abdomen, back. Oriental dance helps make the waist thinner and hips - slimmer.

Particular attention is paid to the classroomsetting body and strengthen your back. The bellydance as in any other dance, classic or modern, like any kind of sports exercises, all developed spine from the nape to the coccyx. His movements involve almost all muscle groups associated with the spine, even the deepest, which can not be achieved by any modern gymnastics systems. This makes it more flexible, improves circulation, and through the nerves extending from the spinal cord to all the internal organs, has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole and, in particular, to the pelvic organs, which is very important especially for women.

For those women who do not have children, danceBelly - great preparation for childbirth. It is also perfectly suitable for pregnant women. This course requires an individual approach and consult a doctor. If permission is obtained, then the classroom is recommended to apply 2 times less effort than before pregnancy. If there are no abnormalities, you can engage in up to 5-6 months.

An essential element of belly dance - shaking -acts as a vibrating massager expensive, so often advertised on television, which will relieve you of cellulite. How save: 50% or 100% is hard to say. It all depends on the age and the degree of "neglect".

It was also noted that the belly dance classesa beneficial effect on the complexion. I think you understand that the matter is to improve the functioning of the intestines, which operates after school much more productive than those without.

Changing posture, slouching disappears, there is grace, "kingship" movements. The spine becomes flexible, you never know what the deposition of salts.

Improved gait: dancing hip unfold, stretch the tendons in the groin. Automatically appears gait "from the hip". That is why the very attractive look themselves performer of Oriental dance, their soft movement, grace and feminine shapes.

Active work the back muscles increasesthe mobility of the spine and improves blood circulation and nutrition of the central (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system, which leads to facilitate and accelerate the thought processes, the emergence of more accurate coordination and improve the overall tone of the whole organism. It appears the ability to control the body.

Belly dance is also called the dance of joy: there is nothing you can not do through the power of overcoming himself (as it happens, for example, aerobics), but only with pleasure, with tenderness to his beloved.

Since all physiological movements of oriental dance, he has virtually no contraindications.

It has long been known that belly dancing is not onlydeveloping body, but psychologically the person heals. Children learn to express emotion in the dance. Variety. Joy, surprise, sadness, tenderness. They are emancipated, are no longer clamped. Women "remember" their femininity and charm, feel younger and more attractive.

Psychological problems are solved: flexibility in the dance gives flexibility character, softness and smoothness affect the ease of communication, emancipation movements leads to inner freedom. About the mood and can not speak: the dance perfectly relieves stress and depression, gives you the joy of life. This is due to the fact that

about the "work" of dance all energy centers. The woman begins to feel more confident, believe in their appeal, regardless of age and external data.

The unique technique and seductive, oriental danceIt embodies life itself, combining health, pleasure and beauty. Classes belly dance "model" figure, helping to avoid excess weight, help to purchase femininity and charm, improve overall health and mood!