How to choose a trendy polish shade that suits your shape nails?

How to choose a trendy polish shade that suits your shape nails?

By choosing nail polish, we often drawattention only to the color. In fact varnish shade should be not only fashionable, but also to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws natural form of the hands and nails.
So the next time you purchase a varnish should be guided not only by personal taste and the latest fashion trends, but by what nature has awarded us.

So, after this preamble obvious conclusionthat is, not all paints are suitable to our hands. Then how to select them? We will try to take into account all aspects, en that you should pay attention when choosing a tone lacquer manicure.

Wide nails need to lengthen and visuallythin, and therefore it is important to apply varnish to the entire nail plate, but only on the central portion, leaving unfilled narrow strips on the sides. In this case, the lacquer color should be dark shades, because the bright pink tones merge with the natural nail color and do not provide a lengthening effect.

Generally, manicure effect the same "color"Generally, we use and the choice of clothes: dark colors diminish, light - increases. Therefore and varnishes must be chosen in accordance with the effect that we must achieve.

Pure red or pink color is visuallyincrease narrow fingernails and little fingers. Apply them necessary to the entire surface of the nail, so that he seemed more feminine. A suitable technique for narrow nails - French manicure with base light shade and a white tip. This will make the nail more "voluminous" visually perceptible.

If you find it difficult to cope with long nails andno time to care for them, but you have a thin palm and graceful long fingers, then the problem is removed by itself: like the structure of the brush and without long nails look attractive. But owners of small palms difficult to avoid the effect of short stocky fingers. In this case, the proper care of the external form of a nail is very important. Before you apply varnish, it is mandatory to carefully push back the cuticles and skin from the side, to visually lengthen the nail plate. It is necessary to give preference to red lacquers and varnishes dark tones. When applying, you can leave the NOT, thin stripes on the sides, to lay down a nail strip that is also visually lengthen the tips of his fingers.

When large nails elongated shaped expertsrecommend the lighter shades to bright color not deliberately emphasize the large nail plate. Form Long nails better to square as round and pointy nails are now out of fashion.

During warmer months, you should always usecolorful patterns: there are suitable fruit shades, as well as abstract design that looks amazing both on short nails, and in the long. Complete your collection of nail design is popular and stylish colors, which can be simply applied and do not bother using complex tools or texture.