How to wear leopard print

How to wear leopard print

The best way to use a maximum of 2 itemsleopard. In the case of the leopard not get better than to sort out, so as not to look vulgar. "One thing with predatory print shows bright temperament, leopard and total-look-the desperate desire to find a man."

If you want to wear a leopard, you should notforget about the peculiarities of your figure. For example, when excess weight you had better give up the dress with a print of prey. Conversely, if you have beautiful legs then you can afford leopard shoes, leopard thin waist-strap, beautiful figure, dress, etc. It must not be forgotten, as the leopard tends to attract the attention of both the advantages and the disadvantages.

Rule №3
If you use more than one form of leopard parts, you have to remember that they must be similar colors. Use different animal prints in the form of very sportingly.

Rule №4
Choose only expensive natural fabrics. In the case of the leopard and the use of cheap low-quality fabric is extremely unacceptable.

Rule №5
Leopard is very self-sufficient, so it should not be combined with other colorful prints, such as peas, strip or flowers. Best of all leopard combined with black, gray and beige.
The most striking and effective combination is a leopard with a deep black color, in this case seriously miscalculate.