Secrets rouge

Secrets rouge

Blush - an indispensable way to emphasize the contoursface and visually correct some of its shortcomings. Blush wide variety of different colors and textures - from powdery blush of cream or liquid - so the risk to get confused when choosing the appropriate blush for your skin type is large enough.

Powder blush

Powder blush is easiest to apply and blend. Using them are holders of all skin types, but most of all powdery blush suited oily skin: they fit well on the surface of the skin and reduce shine. Powder blush is applied to the skin on top of the powder, ensuring a translucent, natural blush. Powder blush - the densest of all types of rouge.

Cream blush

It is believed that the rouge with a creamy texture Moresuited dry skin due to a special composition - abundance of moisturizing ingredients and oils. Such blush applied with the fingers, and is usually used to create an evening make-up. Cream rouge, unlike the powdery, applied on the skin after use basis, but prior to use of powder.

Gel or liquid blush

Blush with a gel texture and a normal fitoily skin. They are longer than any other blush stick to the skin and are usually quite resistant to water. Gel blush, as part of which, as a rule, there is no oil, can give the skin a gentle adult youthful appearance. Less of blush - in the complexity of their application: Gel and liquid blush very dry quickly. To create the effect of a soft, clear skin gel blush should be applied on top of the base or on clean skin without makeup.

Blush with glitter

Blush with glitter - the best solution for evening make-up: they allow you to add a little shimmering gloss and applied to the forehead, cheeks, the inner corners of the eyes.


Like the powder, bronzer, blusher emphasize natural tan or imitate it. Such blush look best on darker skin, allowing to hide minor defects and skin problems.

Applying blush

Determine the natural contour of the cheeks and jaw, which is necessary to emphasize blush will help a broad smile - she will outline the contours of the face, apply blush and will be much easier.

Apply blush should be up-and-down the cheeks, for a smooth application without interrupting the movement of the brush. On the cheeks blush can be applied in a circular motion with a cotton pad or sponge.

For a perfectly balanced make-up must beto take into account when choosing a shade of blush-colored lipstick. So, combined with red lipstick and reddish pink shade of blush pink - only with a pink, coral and apricot shades of lipstick - with peach tones of blush, lipstick and brown - with bronze tints.