Moments in the room, spoiling the mood

Psychologists say that the space in whicha person lives has a direct impact on his state of mind. What can you change in your room to life filled with light and colors, do you feel happy?
Take a look at the world through different eyes! The windows - the eyes of your room. Take care of them, rub the glass to shine - and the world in the windows sparkle with new colors. It is not difficult! Now the mass of effective detergent for washing of glasses - for every taste and color.

Moments in the room, spoiling the mood

Disassemble the rubble on the windowsill, remove allsuperfluous, discard unnecessary - instead, put pots of flowers, favorite books. Or another option - beautiful frames with photos, statuetochki, otkrytochku and other fun gizmos and stuff. Wash and otutyuzhte curtains. Clean windows fill the room with light, which is so lacking in the winter, will give the room fresh and will give residents of the apartment cheerfulness, optimism and good mood - because the world through a clean and well-groomed window looks much nicer ...

Now - attention! - Super-duper-design course: put on the windowsill with a lamp shade. Or attach the top in the opening of the window a few small lamps. And - voila! - You have created a wonderful, exotic corner of psychological relief. In the evening, before going to bed, it's nice to include "light in the window" and meditate, think about plans for the next day, a week, a month in advance ... Ponder what happened the day ... In general, zdorovskaya thing can happen.

Objects, which you forgot to ... By the way, trash. Do you remember what is stored in the many drawers of your desktop, in the wardrobe, under the bed and behind the cupboard? I bet you're here and so, without audit and careful preparation and not remember what's there. But the set-oh-oh-oh-th something! And completely unnecessary. And dust in the "many" had accumulated so much that no triple "Sneezy" barricades not tell ...

Let this be your rule: if you forget about the existence of certain things, and for two years it did not use - place it in the garbage (as would be cruel as it may sound). Well, or if it really is a pity, give it to someone who needs it. Think about it: if so much time lying thing to no avail, and the dust collects, and you can not find a reason to use it - is unlikely in the next century you need it! Do not clutter up the living space - from time to time carry out an audit of "values." Try to place them compact and cozy. And more often wipe the dust in the room!

Let there be light! Look at your room and from this point of view. Does it adequately lighted? Do you feel warmly in this light? If the lights in the room dim, dusky, too cold, then your mood will deteriorate for no apparent reason. And vice versa - the more light, the more comfortable and more comfortable you will feel, and the more difficult it will be to start the engine of your life depression.

Avoid lamps that emit light withlilacky, gray, bluish and greenish tint and dark lampshades and lamps. Most living rooms are suitable for lamps with natural bright white daylight, where the color of the objects look natural. Also good light with a yellow tinge. It is associated with the light emanating from the sun and the burning chamber, so make the room more comfortable and visually warmer.

Down with melancholy and depression! Hail to order!