Massage cellulite

Cellulite massage - is the surest way to combat the "orange peel". In any salon, you can undergo this procedure, though will have a little splurge.

And if you is no extra money, you can easily get a massage of cellulite at home. A pantry beauty will try to give you detailed instructions.

- Before the massage cellulite wash your hands with hot soapy water. Good warm them. Do not use special oil, any grease reduces the effect of the massage.

- With what force you to massage the body - it's up to you myself, but remember that the massage should be deep and not superficial. For a start you have to smooth out the skin.

- Work with both hands. Take your thumb in the direction of the rest and spend somknite hand up and down the problem area.

- Then start rubbing. palm basis or across its surface bumps rub, then her knuckles to gyrate. The last movement is performed very active, highly stretch and slide the skin.

- At the next stage of cellulite massage youYou must stretch your body Capsules. You have to perform plucked grips the skin between thumb and index finger. In this case you have to slightly delay the skin, but not for long and without jerks.

- Now tighten the skin between the thumb and the restfingers, slowly begin to roll it up. Try to pass so all areas of problem areas, maintain the continuity of movement.

- First, such a procedure may cause you some difficulties, but do not worry. After the area will be developed, rolling will go very easily.

- After rolling proceed to simplepat. They can make the base of the palm or hands, but do not overdo it. If you have weak capillaries, it is better to refrain from such a massage.

- The session ends with the application of anti-cellulite means of gentle massage.

Anchoring effect after the massage of cellulite:

An excellent tool in the fight against cellulite can perform a contrast shower, which will improve circulation.

Once you've finished massage of cellulite,stand under the shower and start the procedure with warm water, then switch to the cold, and in a few seconds with water jet massage problem areas.

After Rinse with hot water. Repeat the procedure three times, then rub the skin well with a towel.

Once a week, take a hot bath with sea salt, which improves metabolism and deeply cleanse your skin.