Making foam for cappuccino?

After buying a coffee maker for many the question remains, and how to cook that same foam ??? Reading instruction does not help everyone.
What we need to Cappuccino? Tea with Vapour tube, milk (currently there is a lot of debate between the barista how it should be milk, some fat, or maybe it should be the cream, we recommend to use the most common milk). Just need a metal pitcher, but his choice must be borne in mind that the volume of milk will increase significantly.

Making foam for cappuccino?

In order to start preparing the foam should bewarm up the coffee machine. on the control panel is usually an indicator that notifies that the machine is warmed up and ready to supply steam. Pour milk into a jug, but not by more than half, and then check the steam valve. It took him aside for a couple of seconds, the paropodachu to lose water, which can accumulate in the Vapour tap.

Now we start the process. Releasing Vapour tap into the milk almost to the bottom, but the steam is not included. Then gently turn the supply on the power and the same crane slowly lifts the nose up to the edge of the milk is then formed frothy milk. Thus, there is mixed milk, steam and air. Slightly cant the pitcher, tap create a storm, and most importantly do not forget that all this must occur at the very edge. You can also try to drive the tap spout Vapour as a blender. Once the foam is formed in the required quantity, quickly turn off the steam.

If the foam you could not, you're doing something wrong. Here are the main sources of error:

1. Milk you overheated, ie simply boiled. Further whipping should stop because the foam obtained only from cold milk. You can mix with fresh milk and try again when it cools down.

2. You have lost the very edge of the brink of milk and a crane was below this level. Those. you exclude the second important component of preparation - the air.

When the foam you still turned out, takepitcher by the handle and the reason it on the table as if you are trying to crush something. Then gently tap the bottom of the table. This large bubbles go astray from the surface.

Now shift the foam in the cup with espresso and cappuccino coffee is ready!