Love Horoscope for 2015

The coming 2015 will be the year of the Black Dragon, which will take place under the sign of water. It is believed that this symbol will bring good luck, health and fiery passion. Find out what the stars have prepared for you in 2015.

Love Horoscope for 2015


For Aries 2015 will be marked by the emergence of a new and passionate love, as a result, there can be a happy couple. Aries, winged love will be successful in other areas of life.


For Taurus next year will be measured andwell-established, but for singles will be able to find a soul mate, which may appear on the horizon in the spring or fall. Acquires lovers are not necessary, as any kind of conspiracy will not hide your relationship and the secret revealed.


Gemini Relationship with partnerslove affairs will be more pleasant, and elevated compared to 2015. Married to devote himself to family relationships, and as idle, they will appear at the top of romantic feelings.


Cancer, on the other hand, do not have to go through anyromantic ups, resulting in frequent outbreaks will be bad mood. The only way to change something in the field of love appears only in the first half of October.

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As for Leo, it is really the queen, around which are constantly twisted fans. But the spark great feeling, it will only human and intellectual level.


For Virgin wedding planner can come inOctober or November, when the wedding will not come, then tying a serious relationship will necessarily. Family of the Virgin will be consistent in their ways, and the year will take place in the care of their loved ones.


For the enlightenment of Libra in love and romanticrelations falls on February, March, June and November. The ability to flirt at any other time will not be presented as particularly popular scales are not in use.


For Scorpions Year of the Black Dragon willremind some idyll in his family relationships. Quarrels and conflicts will be a party. A Scorpion does not have a family, waiting for easy victories over the opposite sex, which will give them incredible strength, self-confidence and energy.


The second half of the year for Sagittarius will not beespecially pleasant, constantly emerging conflicts with the opposite gender will negatively affect the mood of Sagittarius. In November, amid conflicts and troubles, can shoot a ray of sunlight, which warms their souls and will give an opportunity to germinate a new romance.


Career Capricorn relationship can grow intoa close loving relationship that will bring a new feeling of freshness of feelings and emotions. But the most important for the Capricorn partner will be your support in difficult times.


Irritability and self-confidence of Aquarius willnot the best present for his partner. Near Aquarius is necessary to gain a margin of patience and prudence as its ability to continually be provided at the center of conflict situations, heavy toll on romantic relationships. Only with the advent of autumn Aquarius learns to appreciate their partner, who all this time waiting for the changes in his character.


For Pisces in 2015 will be particularly vivid and rich on pleasant events. Here there are also beautiful novel, and long-term relationship, and marriage is very profitable, and of love.