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Dear readers, in our time, wesurrounded by a lot of problems and causes bad moods and your body is very easy to hurt, if one takes all the troubles and problems is very close to my heart. It is for this reason it is important to temper not only physically but also mentally. So you can easily stand up to any adversity. To withstand stress, have developed several good habits:

1. Get enough sleep.

Insomnia is a major symptom of the fact thatyour body is in an excited state. Observe sleep, so as not to shake the nerves once again. It is believed that the normal sleep should last at least 7-8 hours. But, and sleep for a long time is not necessary - more than 9 hours sleep facing a headache and broken condition after waking up. Do not go to bed immediately after a hearty dinner. It will be easier to fall asleep when the last meal will be for 3-4 hours before bedtime. Give your brain time to relax and prepare for sleep. You will bath with herbal decoctions and essential oils (and why not? Are we did not deserve it?). Prefer flowers of hawthorn, calendula, valerian, oregano, peppermint, nettle leaves.

2. Avoid the noise.

Most people can not sleep without the TV. We use it as a background. With screens often pours aggressive information. This increases the load on your nervous system. Use only a TV to view certain programs. At other times, better listen to relaxing music and pleasant, and the TV is not. Experience shows that people who listen to classical music, have a steady pulse and normal pressure.

3.Provodite time outdoors.

Our bodies, and most of all - our brain and heart,They need a constant flow of oxygen. Air pollution, lack of fresh air leads to fatigue, reduced attention, and prolonged oxygen starvation, irreversible consequences for the organism. Long walks in the forest or the park you will only benefit. Walking at night in the fresh air will also help to cope with insomnia. They are especially important to those who are going through a difficult psychological situation at work or home. If you do not want to walk alone, get a dog.

4. You can help medicinal herbs.

Use the decoction of calendula to cope with increased nervous irritability and insomnia. St. John's Wort has antidepressant properties.

5. Change your diet.

A complete and balanced diet will providethe body with all the nutrients and vitamins. And it is very important that the body worked like clockwork: cope with stress, stressful situations, recovering and was in good shape. It is better to get vitamins from fresh foods, but if you if you is not always possible, add to the diet of vitamin-mineral supplements (also as an option, many favor and vitamin complexes are used).

6. Engage in fitness.

Daily physical exercise strengthensligaments, muscles and develop skeletal system. In addition, they are disciplined, making you calm and balanced. The body during exercise releases endorphins - hormones of happiness. Only 30 minutes of intense physical activity level of endorphins increase in 5-7 times in the body, and the effect lasts half to two hours.

7. Look at all philosophically.

You should not only be reasonable, butaccept mistakes and failures as a natural part of life. No need to go to extremes, because the difficulties are only needed in order to overcome them. Think positively. That is what will allow you to have a strong and healthy nerves. Keep in mind that negative emotions weaken the internal forces, loosen the nerves and paralyzes the will.

8. Use water treatments.

The nervous system of the best diving and strengthensrubdown. Water soothes, quenches and stimulates the nerve endings of the skin. On the morning of useful contrast shower, strengthens the central nervous system. In the evening, use a warm shower or bath. Douches will be an excellent workout for the nerves, blood vessels and body.