Genesis, (not) killed the love

Genesis, (not) killed the love

"Ah, bytovuha!"- Sighs my girlfriend and purses cute nose. He does not bestow flowers for two months, it requires borscht and ironed shirts in the film - only on major holidays. And so on - ad infinitum. "And what did you do to change this?" - I ask. As expected, absolutely nothing.

She applied the tactics of tacit counter: fell silent and inflated.

Let's talk about the wonderful phrase, whichwe once in your life so consumed. "And why should I do something? He is a man - even if he comes up, how to entertain me. In the end, he just has to do everything for me! ".

To begin with, no one owes nothing to. Credit debt and obligations under the employment contract are not taken into account. The relationship of two - is, above all, a clear and well-established scheme of energy exchange. But on a purely voluntary basis. God forbid you require for a pot of borscht a diamond necklace and shake out mink coat for ironed shirts. When the plane of the voluntary commitment of buying and selling relationships spill over into a plane, it's a girl, is not love. This commodity-market relations. Bazaar, in a word.

One gate play

A friend of mine resorted to me to complain aboutex-girlfriend, whom he after prolonged bachelorhood had the imprudence to marry. In his stories lady acted sort of harpy-potrebitelnits, the essence of which boiled down to one word: "Give!"

Not getting the desired (not unlimited humanpossibility), she applied the tactics of silent resistance. That is, it just fell silent and inflated. Pull out of it in this state even though the word was almost impossible. Apologies admonitions - to no avail. And so exactly to the moment, is driven boycott to handle a man is not broke. Then the sufferer's eyes staying on the wet spot, spewed streams of tears, and addressed to "heartless torturer" poured accusations flows.

By the way, household chores girlIt was not burdened. Her man, who often build their own comfort, long-established way of life with the help of maids, cooks and numerous household services. Madame could only rest on our laurels and create the very intimate atmosphere, which makes for a man's house by this House.

But apparently, my mother's words that her daughter -pure diamond, which everyone should read for the happiness to be worn with a written sack, did their dirty deed. Having a mesyachishko two, my friend put the young lady to the door without further ado. "Well, how can that be - outraged abandoned girl - I'm all done for him!" When asked what it was, the reply: "Well, I lived with him!"

Love and relationships in general - is not a game of onegoal. Demanding something, be prepared to give something in return. But not under duress and not under compulsion, but willingly, with a sincere desire to do something nice to your partner. Men acutely feel the slightest false.

Total control. For a.

Or here's an example from another plane. At the stage of candy buketnogo period the desire to surprise the gentleman was permanent. You have invented a new unimaginable hairstyles, makeup technique mastered, never wore ragged clothes. In general, we followed a full program. What makes people so drastically changed after they find themselves under the same roof? What causes the girl to the afternoon wandering around the house with uncleaned teeth, disheveled hair and a ragged T-shirt? Oh, he is?

Do not you think that this is it for you to inertia"Mirrors"? You relaxed - and he realized that he, too, can no longer bother playing Superman. By the way, in one man's blog once it has been written, that kiss, in which men's lips are immersed in a thick layer of nourishing cream on the girl's cheek, can cause almost an aversion to this occupation.

My grandmother had a friend. Whether in opera singing, whether in a theater play. It has been translated lovers while her husband, who lived with her more than half a century, adored her until the last day. And, according to rumors, she never changed it. So, whenever I went to her, she was always in full uniform, with styling and makeup. I broke down and asked how much she gets.

The answer put me on both blades, "You know, dear, no later than six in the morning." Looking at my slack-jawed lady (do not dare call her grandma
) Reported that always rises from the bed a half hour earlier than her husband. "And, darling, he has never in his life did not see me in the morning raspustehoy".

By the way, E. Herman was a man thoughwhere - the envy of all neighboring gossips. Handsome, smart officer, in a word. Something tells me that it is not only in the bearing of the drill. Not a man, looking at the beautiful wife next to him, wants to look at her background and mattress bumpkin in ragged sneakers.

Moral of the story is simple, as is the same sneaker. Girls want to be loved as the first day, as the first time - if you please keep yourself in pristine form. Men, you know, are extremely surprised when he settled near the beautiful evening, the morning show that wound up in the house of the devil. His hair curlers, fat cream, stories about cellulite and other terrible things along with the ladies t-shirts and filthy ragged slippers hide away. Let it be your little lady's secrets.

"Pettiness" happiness

And the last of the beautiful co. This sweet word "leisure" and this is our favorite whip - "anniversaries". You do not remember the last time I was in the movies and in Tahiti, you do not call the restaurant, and he has consistently forgets your birthday, the anniversary of dating / marriage / first kiss / the list is endless. This is the most difficult moment, but it is quite simply disappears. It would be a desire.

Firstly, with regard to memorials, acceptthe fact that men do not give it much importance, as we've come to expect from them. Yes, they have a short memory on such "nonsense." Girls, but then if you think about the anniversary of the first walk in the garden Neskuchnii - this, however, is a trifle. A birthday is better to begin to resemble the past month. With the indispensable woven into unobtrusive conversation wishes to present. Indicating the exact shape, color, size and sales addresses thereof. Maybe it will be a surprise and a little podsmazan, but would certainly not unpleasant.

Secondly, who said that the organizationjoint leisure - male activity? I'm starting to think that Coco Chanel got excited, wearing our pants. Take the initiative. Get movie tickets, invitation to the vernissage of fashion, give him the rollers, skis, a scooter, a weekend in Paris. The more transparent hint - the more chance of understanding on the part of men. And if he really loves to lie on the couch with a newspaper at the TV due to natural laziness and sluggish temperament ... Well, what can you do, it poured - and then increased. It remains a love that was given or sent to the further exploration. In any case, remember that our happiness is not only in our hands, but in thousands of pleasant things.

10 ways to win life

1. Play. The game can even turn a boring bathing dishes and general cleaning. Apartment - ship, he - the captain, you - the cabin boy. You put on the rank scrub deck.

2. Always be in good shape. What is a little earlier than usual, rise compared to delight in his eyes when you with a light styling, discreet makeup, a lace negligee applying it in bed breakfast? By the way, it is necessary to hold on to such a rhythm of 21 days - and 22 that's become a habit.

3. Throw out or hide away all of your favorite torn T-shirts, sneakers, sweat pants stretched. Buy beautiful home suit. And best of several. Let one of them will be like at the arrival of equipment in case of a sudden the house guests and sexy dressing gowns, lace pajamas, shirts, etc.

4. Learn to cook. At least shove it in the oven to cook frozen croissants and espresso (for a romantic breakfast) and make pasta Bolognese (for romantic dinners in the Italian style).

5. Improvise. The same romantic dinner does not necessarily delay the output. What prevents Wednesday night to extinguish the main lighting, light candles and have a chat over a glass of wine? If culinary feats you can not afford, food ordering service in the house around the clock.

6. Surprise. Let him see what kind of an unusual woman with whom will never be bored, he gave Providence.

7. Smile more often. Acid mine may scare off even the most amorous man.

8. Know how to be grateful. Give thanks for everything, even for the little things. The phrase, "Thank you, that you are" far more durable cement for the foundation of your relationship than listing his shortcomings and unfulfilled promises.

9. Do not turn the relationship in bargaining - "you
I -. I'll " All that you give - to give from the heart. Enjoy the joy that you give to another person.

10. And most importantly - do it all voluntarily. I do not, do something good, then six months to remind man about it. Be sure he remembers everything. And you will return a hundredfold.