Know how to enjoy life!

One gold miser hid under a tree in hisgarden. Every week he dug it, and spend hours admiring them. Once a thief dug up the gold and fled. When the miser came again to admire the gold, he found a hollow in the ground.

Know how to enjoy life!

Man has become so loud yell of despair that all the neighbors came running, wanting to know what happened. When it was all clear, someone asked:
- Will you at least part of the Advantage of gold?
- No, - he said stingy. - I just looked at it every day.
- Well, it's simple, - said a neighbor - after all you came once a week just to look at the gold. With the same success you can come and look at the hole.

A man is rich or poor, not because he hasmoney or not, but because he knows how to enjoy life or not. Striving for wealth and not be able to enjoy life - is like bald comb to collect.