It is useful to drink coffee?

It is useful to drink coffee?

Continuing debate underway about the benefits and dangers of suchbeverage such as coffee. On sale occurs coffee beans, instant and natural ground. Having come to know one taste of coffee made of ground beans, you will never drink instant, great difference between them.

Instant coffee is mainly composed of acaffeine, which activate our nervous system, thanks to him, increases mental and physical activity, but frequent use of it, there is a gradual exhaustion of the nervous system.

But the use of organic coffee promotesthe improvement and normalization of the performance of all of your nerve cells. Each coffee bean is the keeper of many trace elements (calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, sodium, sulfur), vitamins (PP, B1, B2), and also contains more than thirty different organic acids. During roasting the coffee, the amount of B vitamin increases.

After drinking a cup of organic coffee disappearslethargy, drowsiness goes, it improves efficiency. Because of serotonin (hormone of happiness) is part of the coffee, in a person's mood lifted.

Coffee improves the performance of all the senses -It improves sight, smell and hearing. The brain starts to work more actively, increases memory, there is the ability to process new information more easily, it is better stimulated by new ideas.

Drinking organic coffee is considered to be an excellent prevention of diabetes and gallstones.

Recently it became known that the regular consumption of natural coffee significantly reduces the risk of tumors in the intestine.

Of course, people suffering from hypertension,glaucoma, it is not recommended to be used in atherosclerosis, kidney disease, as well as in patients with coronary heart disease coffee. In that case, if you have a chronic gastritis or gastric ulcer, you should always keep in mind that coffee is able to dry the mucous membrane of the stomach, preferably on an empty stomach so people do not drink this drink.

Coffee can increase the digestibility of sugar,Thyroid hormones are oppressed under the influence of drink. Therefore, all human beings are prone to diabetes or a malfunction of the thyroid gland is best to consult with your doctor about the consumption of the drink.

But is it always good to drink coffee? The coffee in large quantities can have on humans and harmful effects, so it is always necessary measure. People too excitable it is not necessary to consume coffee in large quantities. Caffeine is able to narrow the blood vessels, so the coffee is not recommended to drink in hypertension.

In recent studies, Swedish scientists wereIt found that without harm to our health is better to drink a day not more than three cups of strong coffee natural. It refers specifically to natural, but instant coffee made from cheaper varieties with the method of roasting and receipt of the drink is not completely harmless to human health. In addition to the soluble coffee lower content of nutrients, but more caffeine.

Many people start their day with a cup of drinkingnatural coffee. This leads to habit, but as not to chemical dependency. American scientists in their studies have shown that addiction to coffee, especially in the morning this is a purely psychological dependence, and no more. The very smell of good coffee to wake up and encourages faster integrate into active life. So that coffee consumption has more positive points, the main observe throughout the norm, and not to neglect the advice of his doctor.