Interesting facts about coffee

Interesting facts about coffee

What you may not know about coffee.

1. In fact, the coffee - a legume.

2. The first grinder appeared in 1665, it invented a blacksmith from London.

3. When preparing coffee, Beethoven, he cooked exactly 60 beans for each cup, at what always counted myself.

4. The first coffee house, which appeared in Constantinople, called "School of Wisdom", as there were going to the artists and writers.

5. Coffee primarily serves the most senior in the traditions of Greece and Turkey.

6. The third-largest coffee consumption takes Japan. In this country honestly believe that it improves health and makes the skin more youthful.

7. The smell of coffee is good "freshens" olfactory receptors.

8. Brazil in 2001 released a postal parks with the smell of coffee beans.

9. The smell of coffee can not tolerate many insects and pets.

10. Prior to the tenth century, coffee was considered not to drink and food. The tribes living in Ethiopia, coffee beans mixed with animal fat m eating this mixture during long journeys.