What better dish to cook

The choice of dishes for cooking plays a big role in the preparation of healthy food

Cooking food is better in an enamel pot. For the preparation of the first and third courses, use pans with thin walls, and for cereals. stewing, frying - pans with thick-walled iron pots, gusyatnitsy, Pans made of cast iron enamel.

What better dish to cook

Do not forget that the enamel in jumpstartingtemperature or impact may crack or chip. This cookware is not suitable for storing food. Handle carefully with an enamel dishes, carefully wash the soft washcloth or clean metal brushes, as this destroys the enamel.

It is convenient to prepare and store all dishes and utensils of heat-resistant glass.

Widely used in household aluminum cookware. On its inner surface as a result of prolonged contact with water, carbon dioxide and air formed aluminum oxide film. This film has a protective role - prevents the dishes from further corrosion and for the person is not a danger. Do not try that at all costs to remove it.

The oxide film is destroyed, if aluminumdishes cleaned with sandpaper, if it make jam, make sour cabbage, store acidic or salty foods. Cooking in aluminum cookware can be almost all (except those listed dishes), and store only porridge and soups.

Stainless steel cookware certain brands,very useful for the preparation of any food. But be careful and do not use stainless steel containers, not purchased at the store, and on the occasion.

Zinc plated tableware is highly resistant to moisture and carbon dioxide (no rust), but easily gives zinc in food. Therefore galvanized tank and basins only store water for household needs.

New pottery, glazed, beforemust use specially processed: boil it for half an hour 4 percent acetic acid solution to extract the soluble lead glaze. After that you can safely use the jug.

Keep cooked food in an enamel, glass, porcelain or earthenware.