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You embarrassed the first to meet with the youngman, because "so is not accepted." Before the party try on trendy clothes, then put on a modest - otherwise you find it disbanded. You're not ready to commit acts of daring, because you do not understand and condemn. It seems that you became dependent on other people's opinions. How to get rid of the power of these stereotypes and learn to make decisions without regard to the other?

Important or not public opinion?

Earn high scores we used to since childhood. Praise parents, good grades in school - it's nice to be in good standing with others. Yes, and to observe certain rules adopted in society also have to, after all you did not live in the woods. But when the approval of the people is of paramount importance, it is a bad sign. It's time to raise the self-esteem!

Once again, removing a short skirt in the closet -stop. And think. Are you sure that you consider the dissolved? But even if so, who cares! The most important thing that you liked it! You're still not in his underwear on the street you come out! Remember, everyone is impossible to please, there will always be disgruntled. And then, people often pin up others only envy. Learn to measure yourself properly, then you will easily recognize such "pious people".

We are inclined to attribute the events of our livessupervaluation and greatly exaggerate their importance to others. For example, you decided to introduce her boyfriend girlfriends. And now that day you terroriziruesh it on the exterior: the dress, it obuy etc. And for what? You are so important to the opinion of friends? And even if your friend does not cause delight, unless it will affect the warmth of your feelings?

Sometimes it is easier to play their normal role, notstanding out and not provoking others. And what is your opinion, inclination, your rights, finally? You bear full responsibility for their actions, hence the decision should be left for you.

Become a mistress of his desires. When once again gather to act on someone else's orders, mentally change this setting, "I have to" to "I can and I want to."

There are quite extreme methods of strugglewith the fear of public opinion. Stand in the middle of the hall in the supermarket, with a large number of people and scream as loud "bang" or ultroyarkuyu put on a hat and walk around the city. It Helps! Afraid to look stupid, then try to take part in the flash mob actions.

Still, do not be afraid to look silly or strange, make a mistake. Remember, do not mistake the one who does not do anything! Moreover, as we know, learning from the mistakes!