How to walk in high heels?

How to walk in high heels?

Nice walk on his heels - this is, of course,the science. One can understand it is not difficult, but there is work in the practical part, because, oddly enough, in theory. Women's Shoes beautiful, but requires some training, to wear it.

To begin to answer the question: why bother to walk on his heels, if it is difficult, it is not always convenient, and, as the doctors say, it is not useful. The answer is always the same: walking in high heels is very different from the one to do, we demonstrate flaunting waddling in sneakers or comfortable shoes trampled. On the heels gait becomes more easy, graceful figure looks very different: the buttocks tightened, retracted abdomen, leg becomes visually slimmer and longer. It can certainly be harmful to the spine, waist, but only if the heels abused, especially if you can not walk on them - toed, and thus spoil their health.

Surely you see girls who are insecuretrembling gait try to hold out on the heels. This is connected with the inability to properly walk on his heels, and with the condition of the feet, that just can not stand them. Too weak undeveloped eggs - one of the reasons for walking in heels on bent legs, so if you have seriously decided to grasp this art, reflect the strengthening of the leg muscles, do not despise weights in the gym more you walk.

If you have previously preferred to flat shoessoles and suddenly decided to move to a more feminine shoes, do not act rashly and buy 12-cm studs. For beginners, we recommend a heel no higher than 7-8 cm, and not thin, but thicker, stable. Over time, getting used to a height at which you will be looking at the world, the heel height can be increased, and its thickness is gradually narrowed.

The best way to learn to walk on his heels in autumn orspring, when sandals were in the past, and the time and high ankle boots, which are much more convenient and more stable than open shoes because bootleg additionally fixes the leg, giving assurance.

If you are currently in is not sure, you can work out in the new shoes at home, then the foot will get used to a new height, the foot adapts to the new bending and leg - to the new load.

Most of the girls mistake, flaunting on his heels -they try to put a foot right on the whole foot. He gives it a sense of stability and security. From the outside it looks awful, because then the legs just did not unbend and girl goes with bent knees. Leg should be put first on the heel, gradually transforming step on toes. That is why it is recommended to buy shoes with a thick heel stable.

Another feature neumeltsev go toHeels is an appeal of socks inside, to put it simply - they toed also currently providing safe movement. Legs walking socks have to put apart.

A remarkable alternative to studs and thickheels are shoes with wedges, which is connected to the high heel sole. If a shoe is provided and a platform - it is an excellent option for those who are not yet confident in their own ability to move around on high heels isolated. Platform lifts the foot with the heel on the foot have to lower the load. You are less tired, but you get used to high heels.

Experts from New Zealand have shown thatWalking in high heels is much better than the trains all the muscles in any sport. Unfortunately, these shoes are not only well-coached by the leg muscles, but also very dangerous to humans.

The result of the observations of theA lover of high heels showed that the resulting carrying injuries stud several times more complex and dangerous than the injuries that can be obtained during exercise. Most often, women suffer from a dislocated ankle, a wrist fracture or even a head injury. All this can be obtained as a result of a fall from a high stiletto.