How to train memory

How to train memory

Memory - this is not a muscle, but you can train her. To do this, you need to change the way you organize information in your head. Why do not you remember what they ate for breakfast yesterday, but well remember from school the words of your favorite song? Why do we do something all the time and forget how to get rid of it?

1. Phones.
Why you forget: phone numbers - adherents of short-term memory, and are retained in the head a minute or so. During this time, you will of course have time to write this in the mobile phone memory. But if it is not at hand, as you remember the number?

Means: Think of an image for each digit, linking it with the form: 0 - circle 1 - Handle 2 - goose, 4 - sail, etc. Now each phone you will be able to relate the story:.. 204 - Goose draws a circle on the sail.

2. The dates and anniversaries.
Why you forget: Dates are often difficult to remember because they are too abstract, and you do not bind them to anything.

Means: Tie birthday to some external characteristics of a person. For example, a man with a large nose, was born on December 21st. Mentally we imagine goose (2), the handle (1), the Christmas tree (December) and hang it on the nose.

3. Names.
Why you forget: The very person meeting new people already stressful situation for the memory: and so you need to remember a lot of things, except the name.

Remedy: By the method of Roosevelt: Imagine that a person's name in large letters written on his forehead. Psychologists also recommend imperceptibly in a pocket or on your back with your finger to bring the name, register it in the air: fine motor skills of fingers directly connected with thinking and memory.

4. Keys.
Why you forget: Small everyday items to remember is simply impossible and not necessary. Because for the identification of such cases, the brain uses generalizations scheme. For example, instead of having to remember each of you eaten the apple, the brain uses a scheme of "round-juicy-green." So in the example with the following keys instead of fixing all the disparate their location, the brain produces a "key-locker" scheme.

Remedy: Take them to the place. Hammer a nail and hang hook - simple matter. Suppose he is right outside the door. And accustom themselves to the rule: do not take off your shoes or not to put the bag until you reestablish the place of keys. Let they will be home.

5. Passwords.
Why you forget: "What is your favorite book? my dog's name? ? My zip code "that the password has consistently emerge from the head, naturally: after all, when you create them, your brain is busy with one main task, which you are engaged.

Remedy: Work with associations. If Yahoo! reminds you cry of Tarzan, take the password "Tarzan" or "jungle." The mechanism works as soon as you see the word Yahoo!

6. Codes.
Why you forget: When you receive the code, your brain is introduced into the stress state of expressive writing: "remember!", "Do not write," "will be locked." This prevents the memory to remember it.

Medium: It's easy - record. Keep the code numbers in the wallet. Do not be afraid that the wallet is stolen together with the card and code. Encrypt it. For example, the word "mess", dial the telephone keypad, uses the numbers 4-2-8-2. So make a note of the code - typing a word, just remember.