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In connection with the financial crisis engulfing the countrymany began to panic afraid dismissal. Should I do it? How to behave when you think, you are going to fire, and what to do if you lost your job yet?

How to survive a layoff?

Unexpected dismissal can be compared in strength with stress and change in divorce. Depression that follows the loss of a job can be a long time to knock a person out of a rut.

A wrong behavior during firing can ruin a career for many years.

Is it possible to prepare for such situations and wrap dismissal to their advantage?

1. How do you know that you are threatened with dismissal?

Xenia for a week did not know what to do: every day she went to work, but the job was not for her. So it sat buried in a computer, creating the appearance of the work.

Previously, the chief often talked with her, and now is not caused. All questions Xenia he just shrugged his shoulders. At the end of the week, he suddenly asked the girl to write a report.

Ksenia though surprised that the report needs to be done ahead of schedule, but was very glad at least some matter. Then she was not invited to the next meeting.

And when the boss asked Ksenia to convey materials on major customers one of the officers, the head of the girl crept suspicion.

Suspicions were justified in a week when Ksenia asked to write a letter of resignation.

Of course, it is nice to tell your boss about the resignation on their own, when you expect a higher transcendental position and salary in another company.

But when you are asked to leave their place on which you plan to work happily for many years, the situation is completely changed.

It can be fired completely unexpected? As a rule, there are signs that speak of the approach of this sad moment.

you give less responsible jobs, or do not provide them at all;

your work were more likely to check;

previously Head often talked with you,and now it does not matter. Even if all of your conversations consisted of conflict and criticism of your tireless, or, conversely, damped activity now occurs even that;

you gradually pick up some of the work to meet customer leaves someone else, you are asked to transfer contacts, create summary reports, when the time for them has not yet come;

you constantly reprimanded, and in writing;

did you hear or see on the sidelines of the Internet that your position is open vacancy.

If you find these signs, even in his home office, do not immediately break into the office of his boss and sort things out. It is best to settle down and start looking for work.

Do it better in secret and not during work hours - if you're caught a similar occupation, then all sins will be added more and disloyalty.

Discuss what you have learned with colleagues, is not worth that many may rejoice in the release of your post.

Tanya accidentally clearing up the phone suddenly found out that her position are already being interviewed.

It is terribly angry and ran to the HR manager, who confirmed that the head of the unhappy Tanya's work and asked her to look for gradual replacement.

Having such a girl so furious that immediately wrote a letter of resignation, and with it ran straight to the boss. The chief was in shock, but the statement was signed.

It turned out that the head does not suit some points in Tanya's work, but he dismissed it absolutely was not going to, just thought that if suddenly there is someone better, then ...

In general, he was going to fire her, but not now, but in a very distant future. Going back down was too late, and as a result she was looking for work for a month.

And it could do it, getting paid, and still get away beautifully at a prestigious location.

2. How to quit?

How to survive a layoff?

So how would you go prepared to the news of the dismissal, the first reaction to such information is always very emotional.

Often there is a desire to "leave a trace in history." Anyway, in the history of the company from which you fired.

That's what the light when she was fired from the post of the chief accountant of the company.

On the last day of the work of the Light, fairlydrunk for courage, he went to the chief financial officer and made him not the correct form, all his thoughts about his appearance and company image.

The news of this spread through the office in five minutes. But the light did not stop there and went through the offices of employees, while continuing to share ideas. Three days of fun in the office, but soon forgot about her heroism.

After such a feat in the written recommendations of the World was denied, and on the content of the oral even scary to think.

How to behave at dismissal?

Stay calm, despite the gravity of the situation, excessive emotionality may create problems in the future.

In the end, you will need the recommendation, and in your power to make sure that they were positive.

In no case do not gossip about situations of injustice in the office.

Not to speak openly claims management, especially in rough shape.

Solve all the questions constructively, on a rational level.

Whatever the reason for your dismissal, give up the struggle, and concentrate its forces to obtain letters of recommendation.

This means that you have to agree on the official version of your dismissal, you confirm your profile.

Be sure to find out what was the reason for dismissal - it is necessary for your further development.

As practice shows, many people dismissed give a powerful impetus to further growth.

Check the compliance with all the conditions of dismissal -.. Compensation, salary, etc. Do not settle for less, find out what you are entitled to by law.

To assert their rights in a civilized way, in extreme cases, this can be done through the courts. But do not frighten the employer the court, especially without knowing all the details of what you will get.

This may prevent further employment, t. To. The employers are very afraid barrator. Be correct and refer to the article of the law and the points of the employment contract.

Do not sign any papers until you will understand what is behind them.

Especially it concerns the documents, where you are asked to sign that you do not have claims against the employer.

Be sure to transfer the case to another person, or delete any files or destroy documents.

Be conscientious, but without fanaticism: not necessarily leave their company communications, ideas, secrets and achievements.

Be careful, transferring the case. Having all of your achievements, the employer may refuse to fulfill their obligations.

This story happened with Marina. After the transfer of cases of a new employee, she returned to the subject of compensation.

Head also told her that the payment is going to pay. Marina scandal did not hold, just start to talk with the head of an e-mail.

In the letters she referred to the specific points of law and resulted in variants of possible consequences for the employer in the case of refusal to pay.

Plan for it to work, and she was the only one who has received compensation for this company.

3. How to recover and survive the stress?

How to survive a layoff?