How to save on gasoline?

How to save on gasoline?

Make it a habit to check the tire pressureyour car every month - it's the second rule will help save on gasoline and extend the life of your car tires. Abnormal half of the atmosphere increases fuel consumption by about 3-5%.

The third rule is to save gasoline: do not worry when the vehicle is starting and when driving, and do not make sudden braking: high speed - it's more fuel consumption.

When possible, do not use air conditioning - Air conditioning reduces fuel economy by 10% to 20%.

At high speeds, open windows in the car can greatly reduce fuel efficiency. Better use of the ventilation system.

Keep in the right rack and other parts in your car for more aerodynamic properties of the car - it also reduces fuel consumption.

It is better to buy gasoline when it is cold - at nightor early in the morning. At a time of gasoline density is greater and your car for the same money that you spend on the purchase of petrol in the middle of the day, will have a greater range. Under the rays of the sun, even the most advanced column is heated and saturated with gasoline vapors which evaporate during refueling. These jokes of nature, you can lose up to 5% of the tank.

Do not let the car idle - a waste of money, more economical to switch off and on again.

You think how to save on gasoline? In the meantime, your car trunk loaded with unnecessary things. Remove junk from the trunk, and you can save 1% of gasoline for every 100 kg of excess weight.