How to keep a nice tan for a long time?

There is still a month of summer, but women are already thinking about how to maintain the resulting tan last longer. Experts told how to do it.

There are many ways to maintain stability of sunburn, but the most effective - only some of them.

We will talk about 5 ways to save a beautiful tan.

Vitamin A

Under the influence of sunlight the skin becomesmore dry. She needs additional power. It is necessary to use lotions and sprays for the body to vitamin A, and vitamin complexes eat inside.

Proper nutrition

Include in your daily diet of beef liver, milk, eggs, spinach, apricots, carrots, and fruits and vegetables yellow and red colors.


Be sure to apply after-sun skin moisturizer.

No - the sauna

Ate you often go to the sauna and bath, tan on your skin for a long time will not be saved.

Coffee and tea

During the bath, add a few teaspoons of brewed coffee or tea. It is also useful to wipe the skin with coffee or tea with ice cubes.

It should be noted that the resistance of tanning depends on where you sunbathe. For example, a tan acquired under the southern sun, goes faster, but the "northern" tan more stable.