As a distraction in the workplace

At work, we spend an average of forty hours per week. And this has to spend a lot of time is not the way we want it, as well as from us so require.

As a distraction in the workplace

But you can take a break from all the pressure and anyroutine - diversify. Of course, we do not have in mind the two-hour smoke breaks, reading ladies novels under the table, a button on the chair by the chief and other examples of destructive behavior. We will talk about the simple and perfectly legitimate pleasures that you can indulge in during the working day ...

1. to bring order to the workplace. Cup, spoon, stack of drafts, reports folder, keyboard, mouse, pencil, paper clips, pen, pencil again ... Where, in fact, the table? A cup with a spoon - the sink, magazines - in the bedside table, pencils - in the cradle, drafts - in the wastepaper basket, add the folder neat pile. Well! And to look nice, and work much more convenient.

2. To go to the city on business. If colleagues today are particularly harmful, and quarterly report does not wish to meet the fifth consecutive hour, find a reason to get out of the office. In the mail, to the bank for a meeting with a client - it does not matter. As a result, you get a couple of hours of legal holiday and get some fresh air.

3. Make charging. Sitting in one place for more than two consecutive hours is bad. Therefore Arise, walk around the office a couple of times Get your hands to the floor. You can even jump. Do not pay attention to colleagues, if they will take in head chuckle: better jump from correct posture than fun with back curve.

4. To arrange a tea party. Yes Yes. Do not swallow in the smoking room of a coffee machine, and efficiently, and the arrangement of a cup of tea. Rinse the kettle, pour the tea leaves, let stand, and then quietly drink a cup or two. Tea simultaneously calms and tones, moreover, it is much more useful than coffee.

5. take the initiative. Indeed, who is to blame for the fact that your duties are boring and monotonous? Ask the boss to give you a new job or transfer to another position. As we know, change the type of activity - the best holiday.

6. Turn on the music. Properly selected music can cheer yourself up, and if you're tired from his colleagues, headphones serve as an excellent barrier.

7. Ask for a raise. This greatly diversifies the time: you'll have to find proof of their indispensability, to gather the courage to show their superiors, and then for a long time (and possibly foaming at the mouth) to defend them.

8. Change to a colleague jobs. You got tired of sitting in one place? Every day to look at one and the same calendar and ficus in a pot? A colleague on the other hand, mortally tired of the view from the windows and the batter in the eye of the sun? Try to change places with her. It may be that the new places will be more convenient for both of you.

9. help colleagues. Ask a colleague what he was doing, and offer assistance. He will appreciate it, even if in the end refuses to help. And you have a legitimate reason to be in the next time to ask for help it.

10. Call home. Call the day when the child is at home, or before you go, when you have all the waiting. After all, life is not just a job, right? And by the way, nothing at all is left to the end of the working day.

The main cause of coronary heart disease, doctors believe stress at work. Psychologists say that it is necessary at least once a month to take off in the middle of the week to avoid stress.