How to clean brushes

How to clean brushes

Brief instructions on how to wash the brushes:

1. Hold the brush under warm water. Try to keep the water from falling on the metal tip, especially where it comes into contact with a pen, because it would weaken the fixation of the tip, the brush goes down faster.

2. Squeeze the palm baby shampoo or baby soap the size of a pea. You can also use any mild shampoo. Gently move a brush on soapy hands. Proceed gently, so as not to break the bristles on the brush.

3. Wash the brush in water. Again, be careful to just washed hair and not a wooden handle. While the water will not drain clean.

4. Dry the brush soaked in a towel or napkin. Push is not much! It is better to give the brush a flat shape and leave to dry in a glass in upright position.

How to clean brushes