How to choose bed linens?

The right choice of bed linen - that's what you need for a sweet sleep!

How to choose bed linens?

Comes morning - and you choose from tender againembrace of bed to meet the new day. And every night ends with you come back to it. Bedding helps relax and pleasing to the eye. After all, today you can find a set of perfectly matching with your mood!

Bedding appeared in Europe after the eraMiddle Ages. Prior to that, sleeping on expensive fabrics considered wasteful, and laid on a bed only a pillow without pillowcase and blanket - or a sheepskin. But the Renaissance gave thanks to the abundance and luxury of aristocratic Then came the fashion relax on the woven fabric, decorated with embroidery and lace. Why not just embroidered at the time on the sheets from emblems to erotic scenes! Today, embroidery changed color. Modern technologies allow to put on the clothes of any pattern, even print photos on it.

Then, in the middle of the twentieth century, there wereattempts to style linen made of synthetic fiber. Advertisement reads: these fabrics do not fade, they should not be ironed. Fashionistas immediately bought myself these sheets and pillowcases, but ... pretty soon went back to the time-tested natural fabrics. Because synthetics do not "breathe", which means that at this bed and can rest properly.
What sew bedclothes today? From the same materials that were used many centuries ago. True, some of them are now looking quite new.

How to choose bed linens?

SILK. Luxury, shiny, smooth tissue that warm in winter and cold in summer. The main drawback: cheap slippery silk fabric. The best and most expensive silk - the Japanese, he was deprived of a minus.

LINEN. This is a good option for hot days: the fabric breathes well and absorbs moisture. Flax linen always looks stylish. Disadvantage: easily wrinkled, it is difficult to iron. To facilitate the work of the iron, are added to the synthetic fiber flax.

WOOL. Wool sheet - a good choice in the cold. Disadvantage: gives greater shrinkage, require gentle washing and can slide.

Colours - business of your taste. It's nice that some manufacturers became possible to order some clothes on his own sketch. Choose such clothes that you will be pleased to see every night. And in order to serve it right, pay attention to the quality and type of fabric.