How to choose a perfume by the sign of the zodiac?

"I do not believe in astrology because I Gemini and Gemini will never believe in astrology." Raymond Smalyan

How to choose a perfume by the sign of the zodiac?

The choice of perfume - not an easy task at leastbecause our nose smells after a couple of stops to take them. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice in favor of some kind of flavor! Therefore, to bow down to any particular perfume, you can seek the advice of astrology. What we are advised connoisseurs stars?

So, if you are - Aries. Aries - a sign of the fire element. Women of this sign is strong-willed, brave, passionate, ambitious, impulsive and extravagant. They are suitable perfume that will express their inner state of mind - the smell should be fresh and strong enough.

Taurus - earth sign. Female calves resistant, practical, durable. They have a good character and a great outlook. They are reluctant to change their preferences in flavors. They are most suitable perfume with fresh herbal compositions.

If your zodiac sign Gemini, you - signair. Gemini - the twofold sign of all. They tend to change, constancy and any lull in their lives - is stressful for them. Women of this sign tend to philosophy and meditation. For them, the gentle scents will be perfect.

Cancer - the sign of water. Representatives of this sign is quite confident. They are very impressionable. Women suit sweet floral scent, he will emphasize their dreamy and romantic nature.

Leo - fire sign. Lions - energetic, warm and sincere. Women of this sign like expensive clothes, jewelery, furs, etc. - All the attributes of a beautiful life. And the scent that they should carry on themselves, must comply with their bohemian - aldehyde and floral aromas with an admixture of other odors.

Sign of the Earth's elements - Virgo, has a strongDeveloped analytical mind. Virgin endowed with good taste, are more inclined to the classical form of clothing - elegant and sophisticated. Women are not virgins supporters extravagant views, including in the choice of perfume. They will approach the delicate flavors - sweet with a delicate floral background.

Libra - air sign. Libra - charming, elegant and modest. They love clever hairstyles, jewelry and beautiful form. Libra - the ideal of femininity. Women are highly intuitive. Astrologers advised to wear weights floral and aldehyde flavors.

Water sign Scorpio quite irritable andjealous, but he has the tenacity and determination. Women of this sign are very sensitive and sexy. The fragrance that suits them, must contain a note sickly sweet smell.

Sagittarius - Fire sign. Sagittarius - kind, scherd, Loving. Representatives of this sign are very talented and confident in their own abilities. They are characterized by optimism, mobility. They love to shine in society, so their flavor is to allocate it from the crowd. Astrologers advised to choose Archer spicy flavors such as vanilla, cloves and ambergris.

Earth sign of Capricorn - the sign of authority andpower. They are persistent and practical. In their lives should always be difficulties that Capricorns are happy to be overcome - the quiet life is not for them. Women of this sign appreciate a sense of proportion and modesty. For them, the ideal would be the classic scents - Floral combined with fresh scents.

Aquarius - an air sign. This sign is quite fickle and is always striving to be different from others. Aquarians have good intuition, love to read. Women of this sign tend to surround themselves with mystery and mystery. They fit severe, persistent eastern and exotic flavors - a combination of amber, patchouli and myrtle.

And the last sign - a Pisces, a water sign. Representatives of this sign are stubborn, persistent, but rather modest. They are very impatient and touchy. Women fish live in their inner world, their view of reality often do not match the reality of the present. In Pisces, you can always rely on - they will keep their word and help their friends in a difficult situation. Astrologers recommend this sign sweet smell.