How to choose a hair iron?

How to choose a hair iron?

Hair iron - the number one device for thosegirls who prefer straight curly tresses. It just so happened - we always want to change your hair style beyond recognition. It helps us to get the iron is perfectly smooth hair, but not to spoil them, a choice should be approached very seriously. Today we'll show you what to look for when choosing a hair iron.


Pay attention to the material of the body - it should be a high-quality plastic or metal.


It is better to give up the irons with metal plates. Such devices are much cheaper than others, but can harm the hair from the uneven heating.

Give preference irons with ceramic,Tourmaline and Teflon plates. They are heated evenly without damaging the hair structure, and in some cases (thanks to an additional coating) curls add extra shine!

For example, titanium or diamond depositionIt contributes to the smooth slip that will prevent you from breaking the hair section. Sometimes the plates are applied additional moisturizers, conditioners, to help care for locks already during the installation.

Temperature regulator

A very important element of ironing, if you do not wantoverdo rectification. The fact that we often set the rush heating "at the maximum", is not very useful for hair. In this case, you can help control that tell you what the temperature is optimal (usually 130 degrees Celsius).

Width and type of plates

Wide plate suit owners of long hair, narrow - on the contrary. A plate rounded edges help to curl the ends and make the hair more natural.

Price and manufacturer

The price for ironing starts from 100 USD, but the averagegood price for a device that will not ruin your hair - about 250 USD. Give preference to proven brands and be sure to read the reviews of the model you are interested in before you buy.