As interest guys?

Male Psychology interested in girls from theyoung age. Each of us wants to find out whether there is in this world a way to please a guy who would operate smoothly at all. I hasten to disappoint the readers of this article: the psychology of boys are not so primitive, so that every young person succumbed to the same tricks every person trying to interest him.

First of all, it should be understood that the guys - isordinary people, and do not need to imagine them beings from another planet with strange habits and desires. If you want to like the guy, just imagine yourself in his place. For example, some guys do you like? I guess I will not be wrong in assuming that you prefer to communicate with interesting people, which are easy to support any conversation that you had not started, and no difficulties or hesitate while talking to you.

Now think, do guys prefergirls with different character traits? Do you suppose that they were closed like a person, and the words of which you will not catch, and thus make it difficult to support any conversation?

However, all this does not mean that youmust always something to talk to like this guy. Thoughtless and empty chatter can be annoying. Therefore, try to determine what is most interested in your favorite young man, and keep the conversation on this subject. However, it can happen and so that you do not know anything about his new passion, or a variety of interests guy is far enough away from your hobbies. This does not mean that a call you do not get. In this case, you can start a conversation with him about mutual friends (do not stoop to gossip), to discuss the latest developments taking place at the institute (in school or working together), in the end, to resort to such eternal themes as music, movies, weather, etc. In the end, you can try to talk about it, inquiring about where he learns, works as spends his free time.

If it so happened that all your attemptsto have a nice friendly conversation ended in failure, and you do not hear from a guy, but "yes", "no", "do not know", think about whether it's your fault. Maybe the guy just is not very good conversationalist? Or are you just unpleasant to him? In this case, it is better to forget about it: the relationship with the person unable to keep the conversation going, it is still not succeed. If you're so difficult to talk to him now, do not think that after you start dating a guy transformed and becomes interesting and gallant. It will not happen.

And finally, most importantly, do not forget that psychologyguys is that they love in the first place through the eyes, and even the most sociable girl does not make an impression on them, if it looks messy and sloppy. So always watch yourself and match the clothes that best emphasize the advantages of your appearance. And maybe the guy that you like, he will come to you and will lead you to a conversation, and just as well be painful to think about what you say to motivate you. In this case, you will not only get lost and keep it off!