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We offer you the 10 most common types of laughter. You need to find the top ten in this manner his laugh and then a little about your character.

How dare you?

1. Do you regard to laugh at the little finger of his lips?
If so, this means that you have your own ideas about good tone and that you firmly follow these ideas anytime, anywhere. You like to be in the spotlight.

2. Do cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh?
If so, you are not too sure of themselves, often troubled, you prefer to stay in the shadows and, as they say, is not disclosed. Our advice: do not bend with excessive self-analysis and self-criticism.

3. How often do you throw back his head in laughter?
If yes, then you are obviously trusting and gullible,but at the same time have a broad nature. Sometimes doing unexpected things, giving in only his feelings, and is, perhaps, a little more reason to rely on.

4. With regard to whether in laughter hand face or head?
If yes, then most likely, you are a dreamer. This, of course, is not bad, but whether or not to try so hard to realize their dreams, sometimes unrealistic? More sober and realistic approach to the problems of life, here is a tip!

5. Does the nose Pucker when laughing?
If so, your feelings and views quickly and frequently change. Are you an emotional person, and apparently capricious, easily give momentary mood, which makes it difficult for you and others.

6. Laughing loudly, his mouth open.
If so, then you belong to the people temperamental, mobile. You would do well to buy a little bit of restraint and moderation. You know how to talk, but to listen and know how!

7. tilts his head before gently laugh?
If yes, then you're out of good-hearted people, conscientious, accustomed to adapt to the environment and to people. Your feelings and actions are always under control. Never one not to be angry, not upset.

8. Stay if in laughter chin?
If so, what would have been your age, it is clear that the character traits you saved my youth. I. Maybe that's why often arrives without much thought.

9. Do you squints eyelids when you laughing at?
If so, this indicatesbalance, your self-confidence, uncommon mind. You are active and persistent, sometimes maybe more than you need, -in such cases, try to look at ourselves.

10. You do not have certain manners to laugh.
If yes, then obviously, you belong to the individualists: in everything and always primarily guided by their own opinions, often ignoring the views of others.