He died one of the most talented Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze

On Monday, September 14 was not the famous actor and a wonderful person Patrick Swayze. He died on 58 th year of life.

He died one of the most talented Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze

"Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully with his family after a grueling struggle with the disease in the last 20 months," - he told his biographer Annette Wolfe.

Last year it became known that the actora deadly form of cancer, and he knew that he had little left. He continued to work, acting in «The Beast» series, and collected materials for memoirs.

Swayze Wig constant pain, but heI refused to take drugs - because they cloud the mind, and he wanted the audience to «The Beast» remember his good work. Before his death, the actor worked 12 hours - afraid not enough.

He died one of the most talented Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze

"If I am I am to leave this earth, I want tobe sure to leave it something worthwhile. And that's what makes me the desire to rise in the morning, and work until exhaustion. My job - my legacy ", - he said in a recent interview.

When in 2008 first announced his diagnosis - pancreatic cancer, one of the doctors said that he would not live more than five years, reports the AP.

"Do not indulge in wishful thinking", - Patrick smiled sadly, talking with reporters. "I left a maximum of two years, according to statistics."

The actor C. Thomas Howell, expressing condolences to the family, said that she and Patrick tied a strong friendship. Both avid horseman, they worked together on the films "The Outsiders" and "Red Dawn."

Other celebrities have used mini-blogging Twitter to express his regret.

Kitcher Ashton, Demi Moore's husband, to which Patrick Swayze played a magnificent duo in "Ghost": "Rest in peace, Patrick!"

Larry King: "Patrick - a wonderful actor and a great guy. For whatever he undertook, he always put his heart and soul to the cause. "

Miss Vida Bohemia - Patrick is so accustomed to the role that the film after it began to look askance

In our country, Patrick became famous after the movie "Dirty Dancing" and then on the screens out "Ghost".

Patrick three times, became the winner of the "GoldenGlobe ", repeatedly nominated for the" Oscar ". The son of a choreographer, he began his career as a dancer on Broadway, but Whoopi Goldberg, who won a gold statuette for his role as the medium in "Ghost," told me that obtaining a high award is obliged to Patrick.

His reputation incorrigible womanizer nearly prevented the role of a transvestite in the film "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar ".

Patrick Swayze played Miss Vida Bohemia, and took the way with his usual diligence. As a result, he played so brilliantly that it began to squint even off the set.