Guys about girls

They can wait for our call all day, but never

will call first.

They sleep in our T-shirts, and look at them very funny.

They like to be kissed without further ado.

They're going for two hours, and then say: "You see, I

Today the fast. "

They do not know how to fight, but always feel

safe with us.

They know how to fall asleep on the massage at the most inopportune moment.

They love when we pat their hair.

They love when they are worn on the hands, but always

saying: "Put me down, I'm hard"

They cry, and their annoying if we remain silent at this time.

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They remember when the 147 days of your meeting.

They always want us to come back after 5 minutes

quarrel, and never will not admit it.

They constantly delve into our phones and zealously

asked: "And who is this?"

They are always waiting for our SMS at night.

They are always waiting for help from us.

They go to the clubs with her friends, so we were nervous and

ringing every half hour.

They love when we walk in a suit and shoes.

They tell all her friends about us.

They cling to us, and turning a blind eye when watching movies


These include loud music, running around in shorts and apartment

shirt, hair shaking, jumping and singing in the comb, when no one sees.

They sometimes do not take the phone, and then say that sleeping or

did not hear.

They can not live without a hair dryer and ironing for alignment of hair.

They are afraid to show us without makeup.

They know that without them we can not.

They are they. Thank them.