Fedor Bondarchuk

Fedor Bondarchuk


Born in the family of the actress Irina and SkobtsevaSergei Bondarchuk. He studied at the Moscow Fedor 31 special school. And he was very kind of schoolboy. Drinking, smoking and poorly studied. As a famous daddy little Fedi was almost all the time on business trips, the school called my mom, who often had to blush for a naughty child. In eighth grade Fedor met Stepa Mikhalkov (son of actor and film director Nikita Mikhalkov and actress Anastasia Vertinsky), which at the time was a terrible bully and a bully.

Instil Theodore and his sister Elena (Alyona)mainly engaged in the grandmother Julia Nikolaevna. F.BONDARCHUK: "We have a very good grandmother was. She wanted me to become an architect or an opera singer. I graduated from art school, good at drawing ... And my mother wanted me to be a diplomat. "

Military service. Meeting with Svetlana

Fedor Bondarchuk

But before he faced a military service. Fyodor Bondarchuk, after serving some time in uchebke in Krasnoyarsk, was in the Taman Division, and there was the ordinary cavalry regiment. This regiment was called "thieves cavalry." It was created to battle shooting in Sergei Bondarchuk's film "War and Peace" and "stationed" in the suburbs. After filming ended, the regiment did not disperse by attaching it to the Taman Division. There Fedor and served until the end of the term of office signalman.

Fedor married early. Their first meeting occurred when Theodore, released from the army on leave, said on a visit to a school friend with his then girlfriend. Beautiful blonde immediately caught his attention. It took one and a half years. Fedor has dosluzhival, but was taken to hospital with a trophic ulcer legs. He was still faithful to his old passion, but the thought of Light visited him periodically. Lying in a hospital room was boring and he asked that same school friend to bring him that very blonde. Then one day, when he desperately headache due to the fact that the day before he drank the stolen his fellow ward alcohol, he opened his eyes and ... a miracle! Before him stood a blond angel. Angel was in school uniform and waving bag with smenkoy. From that moment begins their mad love. Everyday Light ran to Fedor in the hospital, and then in the part where he was transferred.

Out of this, of course, the advent of gay marriage and two children - a son and daughter of Sergei Barbara.


Fedor Bondarchuk