Freshness - deodorants, types

Sticks, rollers and sprays, perfumed or without perfume - deodorant great variety!

Defined in their preferences. Sticks and videos are more economical compared to the deodorant spray, but many people like the effect of the fresh, light clouds sprayed a fragrant substance. Take into account that the packaging in the form of sticks and rollers more convenient to travel than sprays. More expensive category deodorizing agents - perfumed gels and creams. They soften the skin and have a longer duration of action. Perfumed talc is applied not only in the armpits, but also on the chest area. Talc is not suitable for those with excessive sweating and the skin is too dry.

Excellent deodorize the skin extracts of chamomile, peppermint, succession.

Be sure to remove the hair from the armpits: they "hold" an unpleasant smell.

Perfume and perfumed deodorants should be from the same line.

Sweating or hyperhidrosis, can be a symptom of nervous diseases.

Any need to put on deodorantclean, ideally skin devoid of vegetation. Nothing can be worse than the aroma of perfume mixed with the smell of sweat! By the way, many people prefer deodorant odorless, considering that the most pleasant scent throughout the ages has been and still is the smell of a clean body. In addition, the deodorant is odorless and does not cause allergies "does not interfere" with your favorite spirits. However, perfumed deodorant, as well as spirits, should not be abused. By the way, you know, that can easily provoke irritation of the skin? Tight sleeves to armhole dress with odd abundant use deodorant!