Fatigue - where did all the force ...


If every five minutes to check on the phoneyou have missed calls, if the whole evening and night just think about why my husband still does not ring, and draw in the imagination of all the worst case scenarios, you will by the end of the day feel squeezed lemon, and even a night's sleep does not bring relief.

Fatigue - where did all the force ...

But there are still plenty of reasons for concern: own and others' health, work, education, relationships, transport is too slow and too fast the clock. Objectively, any man has a hundred reasons to dive in total dismay at absolutely all areas of life, but someone's exactly what comes, and someone cares about its harmony. And do not think that the problems of the first more than the second. It is not a problem, but in the knowledge that anxiety consumes power, and the exhausted man really can not fully control the situation.

Conclusion: getting rid of anxiety.

The best way - to share their thoughts withanother person, in this case, the idea seems to be priceless Western psychology: psychoanalysis as opposed to friends and relatives willing to hear about your troubles as long as necessary. The process is easier - to switch from disturbing thoughts, such as wearing headphones and turning on loud music.


At first glance this seems paradoxical: The more work and planning, the more power we have, the smaller and quieter operation schedule, the sooner we start yawning at his desk. Inaction more tiring physical labor, and after such a relaxing day I want to rest after the marathon. And remember the days you were forced to queue for a stack of what some inquiries: seemingly wait for their turn, do not waste power, but in the end - utter devastation.

In this case, the only possible antidote- Vigorous activity. If you have to spend half a day in turn, bring your laptop and work notebooks. If the front - a boring day in the four walls, arrange general cleaning.

It is important to balance on the verge on whichoccupancy diary is the enthusiasm and the desire to gain a couple of extra hours in the day, without deviating either to the side of boredom, nor toward total load. Proceed, create, and energy will be more and more with each passing day.


The most energy expending emotion. The scandals, quarrels and squabbles first tramway contribute to the development of adrenaline, and after some time completely unnerving. Among the advice here will not be enough if you're used to spend forces for aggression, we can talk about changing the world. After that we can advise the person who is committed to chastise his mother with a child crying out loud, get nasty neighbors in the bus and in the conclusion of the day's hot to argue with its own TV. Calmness, only calmness! And as an option - reinforced sports training.

Everyday life of the big city

Residents of big cities is much more subdued andexhausted than rural residents. And it is evident immediately, the summer is to leave the suffocating heat of the city and be in a cheerful village.

The temperature is the same or even higher, but the local residents and the river running down, and after work until dark to be messing around in the garden.

In big cities inhibits industriallandscape, which can and should be every day hiding at least in your own kitchen herbs, so do not skimp on the indoor plants. And in the city, try to lay the most scenic routes, even if the way through the doorway and crowded ranks musorok much shorter.

Tires huge population density, and wemost of the time, surrounded by neighbors - left and right, top and bottom. But the most depressing close contact with complete strangers in crowded public transport in the morning. Do not forget to take the player with your favorite music and dream about something executable or not.

And, of course, tire tubes. Evenings in the mirrors are all more or less large cities and exhausted drivers look around aimlessly. Put the car in some magazines and grab something to eat. If you sit in the passenger seat, then you are lucky twice: meditative music and the ability to relax will create a miracle, and within an hour you will feel as if the day has just begun.