fascinating pearls

Adorable, unique, charming ..! - Pearls.
The magnificent gem, born ofgrains of sand that causes the eyelids human delight! It is gentle and capricious, but suitable to any outfit, mood and occasion. And the healing properties of the pearl has been known since ancient times.

fascinating pearls

The origin of production.

One of the first gemstone knownmankind. About its origin there are many legends and stories. For example, many people are considered to have occurred pearls of tears or dew. And in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia countries pearls was the embodiment of the goddess of the moon. In Russia, the first mention of pearls belong to the tenth century.

Formed pearl inside clam shellafter falling to a foreign object, such as a grain of sand around which begins deposition of layers of nacre. Over 12 years pearl grows to pea-sized, and 8 mm in diameter it reaches only 30 - 40 years. Natural pearls are presently mined in Ceylon, India, the Red Sea and Iran.

Who gemstone market is dominated byCultured pearls (ie grown by artificial means). Man puts himself in a shell pearl bead. Further there is a completely natural process of formation of a pearl: the oyster covers the "stimulus" layers of nacre. It turns out that natural pearls from cultured different only in that a foreign object gets into the oyster's body without the help of man.

"Growing" pearls - a complex and long. People do not have the ability to affect the outcome - the size and shape can be completely unpredictable. The complexity and the fact that shellfish can simply tear away the foreign object. Typically, one third dies oysters. Also, not all pearls are grown meet the established quality standards. This means that the business of producing cultured pearls - it is risky, because people have no power over nature.
Types of pearls.

Firstly, there are three types of pearls: natural, cultured, man-made. The latter is only an imitation of all the parts of which, except for pearl shell, created technical way. To apply artificial hollow glass beads coated film inside and outside.

The color of a pearl depends on the species of shellfish (such as the color of his robes) and the environment in which he lives.

There are pearls of river and sea. The largest and highest quality, and thus most valuable - pearl of the southern seas, which is produced in Thailand, Polynesia, Australia, Burma. It can be gold, pink, gray, white.

Symbolism, medicinal properties.

fascinating pearls

Most suitable pearl Aquarius, useful forfish - because It allows you to keep emotions under control. With pearls associated with multiple faiths. Since ancient times, there is a representation of the connection between the appearance of pearls and health of its owner. In China pearls were amulets against inflammation. In ancient Rome, pearls are considered a symbol of power and wisdom, and for women it is a stone of happiness.

It is believed that the stone removes hightemperature, treats inflammation, liver disease, kidney, bladder, and many other ailments. China has long been established pearl cream and powder, to improve skin health.

But should carefully and gently treatpearls. It is a symbol of happiness, prosperity, love and devotion, so favorably giving pearls newlyweds. And it is on the contrary bad for love affairs - because strengthens loyalty. Pearls - a symbol of prosperity in the house, permanence and stability, so the stone is bad for the wandering people, actors and "Don Juan." The caution should be approached to the black pearls (which, nevertheless, is considered one of the most expensive) - the symbol of sadness; girls wear it is contraindicated, but he widowhood for women will help to find new elect.

Selection, identification of authenticity.

The easiest way to distinguish between fake pearls -to hold a pearl on the surface of the tooth. The present - will be characterized by "cling" for a tooth. Natural pearl thrown on the glass, bounce a few times.

Gloss, thickness, and quality of pearl layer, color,surface smoothness, shape and size - the main criteria of quality pearls. The durability of the pearl is determined by the thickness and quality of the nacre. high quality Nacre brightly shines and shimmers, even gloss on the surface no chips or cracks.

For high quality pearl bright characteristicthe contrast between the most brilliant plot, on which the light falls and darkened portion. It is best to examine the pearls on a white or light-gray material. However, surface defects on the pearls, in contrast, are more visible on a dark surface.

Careful approach to the choice of colors. Make sure the shade is in harmony with the color of your hair and skin. Pearls of natural color (especially black) is much more expensive. Pearl ivory, as the most common, are cheaper.

Remember that two completely identical pearlsdoes not exist in nature, and therefore impossible to collect even small string of pearls, is ideally suited to each other. As regards the form, there are three main types: symmetrical, spherical and baroque, the most prized pearl spherical shape. Baroque pearls - irregularly shaped and cheaper all. Although now the past is increasingly used to create original decorations.

pearl size is just as important. Large cultured specimens are rarer and more expensive.

When choosing a piece of jewelry with pearls can betrust your own powers of observation and taste, but you can resort to the advice of a professional. You can apply in an independent laboratory, which will analyze the quality of the product you selected.


Pearls as gentle and moody material requires careful handling. He "dies" Improper storage.

The stone should be protected from heat and open flame, exposure to acids, fumes, and cosmetics.

Wear jewelry with pearls not earlier than15 minutes after using cosmetic and toilet facilities. After each use, wipe the pearls with a soft damp cloth, and dry until completely dry.

Clean your pearls should be in mild soapy water with a soft cloth. You can gently rub and potato starch, to remove impurities.

Store pearls is necessary in a case with a soft finish or in a soft pouch. And preferably separately from other jewelry.