Etiquette serving festive table

Beautifully decorated table - business cardany housewife. Today we will talk about how, under certain rules of selection of dishes and other decorative objects, create a special feast atmosphere without spending a lot of effort.

Etiquette serving festive table

1. Festive table for special occasions served well ironed, immaculately clean white tablecloth and linen napkins are placed on the main plate.

2. At social gatherings and home dinners is no need for a traditional white tablecloth and napkin can lie next to the main plate or on a small plate for bread.

3. During the dinner, it is desirable to lay on the table single-colored tablecloth, and during tea - with a pattern. But this is not necessary. The main thing is that the color and pattern on the tablecloth harmoniously combined with the color of the plates and instruments, and the texture of the fabric corresponds to the material from which made dishes.

4. Very stylish looks table, when the top of a monochromatic color tablecloths placed transparent lace napkins. But it should be lace it, and not its imitation of polyethylene. In no case do not cover the tablecloth or table top with plastic wrap.

5. If you are afraid that the guests favorite tablecloth spoil your mom, and she did not survive, put the devices on a napkin.

6. Remember that beautiful paper napkins, as an element of decoration, are good only when the table is decorated in a contemporary style. In the classically decorated table for a reception they will look tasteless.

Etiquette serving festive table

Etiquette serving festive table

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