Convertible Driving harms health

Convertible Driving harms health,Specifically, it degrades the human ear. That is the conclusion of the Medical University of St. Louis came to scientists in Missouri (USA), the study of sound volume in the cars.

Convertible Driving harms health

During the experiment, the researcherstested the sound level in five gigs brands Porsche, Saab, Nissan and Ford while driving at a speed of 55 to 75 miles per hour (88 to 120 kilometers per hour). Regardless of which engines have been installed on the machines, the noise that the driver heard was about the same level. For example, at a speed of 88 kilometers per hour, he was 85 decibels - a volume comparable to the noise of the construction site and is considered to be hazardous to health.

When driving at 120 kilometers per hoursound level at a gig was 100 decibels, which is the longest journeys may completely destroy the ear of the driver. If the motorist will travel to the gig at higher speeds, the noise level is comparable with the sound of a jet engine.

The study provides a minimum level ofa sound that can be heard by the driver: The experiments were conducted off the radio and air conditioning, in good weather. Music audio system, conversations with a passenger and a strong wind can greatly increase the noise level, the study said.

According to scientists from the American University,in order to minimize risk to health, the driver should be convertible to drive at a speed of no more than 52 miles per hour (83.5 kilometers per hour). How much overhead is experiencing the human ear at the same time, is not reported, however, it is considered safe for humans the volume up to 75 decibels.