The manner of conduct of business woman

Many women, sitting at a new position, begin to imitate the bad work than they deserve fair nicknames such as "electronics" or "cheerful idiot."
"Especially gifted" does not stop flickering until retirement.

The manner of conduct of business woman

Fussiness not to face the woman, and rush likeknown only needed when catching fleas. If you jump up at each call, you run through the corridors, chattering on the phone and snaps in all rooms indiscriminately, with or without, it indicates a lack of confidence. In addition, this manner is extremely tired of people who work with you.

Be calm, it does not mean to be boring. Even at work, you can afford not just fads that only accentuate your individuality.

You can stand out by absorbing exotic food for lunch, talking about lessons on riding, you can sing French chansons and pin up her hair with a bone comb.
The main thing that a fad is not passed into the category of "shizy" or "cockroach in my head," and you yourself do not become a slave to their fads at the expense of official duties and personal life.