Dangerous hairpin

Ask any woman what to choose - chic"Stud" or elegant pumps, it is likely to nod to the first. But women often do not realize that what they promise is the so-called "high heels disease."

Dangerous hairpin

What are the consequences and dangers of high heels?

When walking at too high a heel severitybody moves to the front of the foot, and on the fingers, usually on the first joint of the thumb. A bunch? Being constantly contracted state, they are not only tired and overstrained, with time their inaction leads to a complete loss of strength and elasticity. Not less affected and the arches of the foot - longitudinal and transverse.

American doctors have estimated that 8 out of 10 womensuffer pain in the legs. The high-heeled shoes disturbed the natural distribution of the load on leg muscles. And as a result - a calf strain and shortening of the Achilles tendon. From high heels suffers spine. For your body to maintain balance on his heels, the spine at all times have to an unnatural bend in the lumbar spine, resulting in uneven load on the front and rear edges of the intervertebral discs. When you're in heels, the position of all internal organs and changes affecting their work is not the best way. Experiments conducted by Norwegian scientists showed that the constant walking in high heel shoes leads to a weakening of memory and slower thought processes!

Optimum heel height - no more than twocentimeters. Heel and 6 cm needed for dancing, in addition to beautiful clothes and those who want to be taller. But the heel of the foot than 6 centimeters harmful. Doctors orthopedic argue that high heels can be worn once or twice a month and no more than three or four hours. However, how can a woman to deprive yourself of such beauty, and many are so accustomed to high heels that can no longer be without them.

This is because some groups of muscles takethe load of the other and eventually reduced. High heels fashion women's shoes create an unnecessary burden on the knee joint and cause a number of dangerous diseases legs, varicose veins to arthritis and chronic subluxations.
Women, if you are not able to give upheels, choose at least a "healthy" and comfortable shoes: soft, appropriate size, with arch support, on an unsteady sole and a small heel stable.

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