What mistress would not want to have an inexpensivecookware good quality? Shops that sell housewares, dishes offer a variety of options intended for cooking. Naturally, it is different from each other in shape and color, but primarily on the material from which it is made.

We can help you understand the intricacies of the hosts selection of pots and pans. Tell us what material do kitchenware and what features it has.


Cookware made of cast iron

Such a heavy utensils on the outside often glazedbright colors. Unlike my grandmother frying pans, modern crockery cast iron of good quality and do not spoil your glass ceramic plate. It is perfect for soups, baking pancakes and fire. However, the appeal capricious Cast Iron Cookware - does not tolerate temperature contrasts. Glazed brazier undesirable dishwasher safe.

Cookware made of steel

Sets kitchenware stainless steel alwayspopular with housewives. The best material for her - Surgical Steel. It has bacteriostatic properties: food, cooked in a pot, lasts longer fresh. Especially popular models of the brand nikel free, ie, stainless steel without nickel. He attaches a metal taste vegetable dishes and can cause allergies. If the pan is made of stainless steel handles, then you cook it in the oven and can be. Unlike iron, steel cookware is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Cookware with non-stick coating

Buy cookware with Teflon coatingNow you can at any store, but beware of cheap fakes. In addition, the replacement of Teflon were analogues that do not contain harmful for the body perflyuorooktanovuyu acid. The cookware with non-stick coating, do not store food and cooking sour dishes. If the coating is scratched or cracked, then from such utensils is better to get rid of and buy new good quality.

Enamel cookware

Enamel is traditionally covered with aluminum andsteel cookware. From the old Soviet past mistress remember that the main drawback of enamelware - it chipped. Metal oxidized in this place, and in such cooking utensils anymore. To preserve the enamel do not put an enamel pot, remove from the refrigerator, once on a hot plate. Avoid also to put it on the burner, which is greater than the diameter of the pan. By the way, enameled pans - one of the cheapest types of cookware.

If you come to a specialty store to buy cooking utensils of good quality, pay attention to the model, made from unconventional materials.

Here, for example, kitchen utensils made of glass,Of course, a special heat-resistant. It is ideal for microwave and baking in the oven. And on an open flame gas fire to put it is not recommended. In an extreme case, use a flame divider. Cookware made of glass is good because it burns the food is not. Because the glass - a material with low thermal conductivity, the finished dish it will cool down for a long time. As cast iron cookware, glass does not tolerate extreme temperatures.

Ceramic cookware

From pottery and ceramics are made pans,baking dishes, pots and pans, even. On the open fire place so the dishes can not. It is ideal for baking dishes in the oven. Ceramics - porous material and breathable, so dry up food in a dish will be difficult. Ceramics have one major drawback - it absorbs all the smells of the products with which the walls adjoin utensils.

Porcelain cookware

It certainly is for those wishing tobuy good quality goods. Do not be surprised of porcelain, this fragile material, do not just tea sets. Porcelain dish for baking are the best at cooking. They can freeze any food, and then quietly put in a microwave oven or a hot oven. Porcelain, in contrast to ceramic, does not absorb any odors. Still, treat it should be cautious, an awkward movement - and rained fragments favorite molds.

Silicone cookware

The "rubber" baking dish to bakeculinary masterpiece in the oven can each. Products it never Undermountain and pastries from a mild form to get very easily. Utensils made of heat-resistant silicone is not afraid of low temperatures and their changes, as well as quietly tolerate the dishwasher. The only limitation - not scrape it with a knife. However, be aware that silicone cookware after using for 2-5 years should be replaced with a new, despite the fact that it still looks quite suitable. When heated, the old silicone cookware can release toxic substances bisphenol.

So hostess cookware good kaches
Twa buy now, you can easily - choice to suit all tastes.