Congratulations on the Valentine's day

Congratulations on the Valentine's day

In Valentine's Day
How happy, I love you.
And that you go somewhere nearby.
But sometimes I'll just lie
His cold, forbidding look.
I'm not talking about the love you -
You do not need my love.
But again, I thank God
For the fact that you live, and I'm so glad.

sending valentine
In the form of my heart.
But look at the picture sooner -
There you will find, and his own.
After all, miracles happen:
It was heart was two.

I love you. Leaves me whispers.
I love you. I said the wind.
I love you, and all the stronger by the day.
I love you, may God forgive me.
I love you, and the sun shines brighter.
I love you, and happier life.
I love you, and sincerely believe.
I love you and can not forget.

I drown in your eyes! Can?
After all, your eyes sink in. Happiness!
I'll love you. Can?
It is very difficult to love. Do you believe me?
Well, if you go away. You write?
I want to be with you. Do you hear?
Long, long, full life. Do you understand?

You answer the eyes. Do you like!
If yes, then you promise
What are you going to be the happiest!
If not, I beseech thee,
Do not pull the eyes in a whirlpool,
I'll love you. Can?
Even if you can not. I will!!!

I love you, but it's a mystery,
In my mind - it's a secret,
Now I ask you wish -
I love you or not.

Congratulations to the St. Valentine's Day - "thank you"
You're next, and everything is fine:
And the rain and cold wind.
Thank you, my clear,
Because you are in the world.
Thank you for those lips,
Thank you for these hands.
Thank you, my beloved,
Because you are in the world.
We are close, and in fact could
do not meet each other ...
My only, thank you
Because you are in the world!

On the day of St. valence
I confess: I love you
And I hope for reciprocity.
You tell me. It is waiting.

How nice that you have in this world!
I'm not afraid of any storm or snow.
My beloved, {name} beloved,
I want to be with you always!

I commanded thy fate be
And "No" can not answer her.
I'm yours, yet love me
One year or a thousand years.
I'm yours, while you're waiting for me,
While you will be sad for me.
I want to give you as much himself,
As much as a can!

A lover of dreams,
Burn bridges,
My card,
I - at the door ...
And flowers.

You sing - and the stars are melting
Like kissing on the lips.
You look - the heavens are playing
In your divine eyes.
You go - and all your movements,
The actions of all and all features
So full of feeling and expression,
So full of marvelous simplicity!
The fate of you gave me, my dear,
And the best gift I do not know!

I'll go crazy when you're around,
I looked you in the eye, I am silent.
And God only knows how I want to,
Pull over to your shoulder
And look to meet with you.

Your eyes confused me,
When you look at me,
As if you want to fall in love,
And I love you long time!

My love is still a child,
But this, too, there is a reason.
I go, dressed unseasonably
And it is not over the age of love.

Love of who breathes the heart,
What thoughts are always,
People everywhere are looking for the eyes,
Togo, who can not be forgotten.

Fate make us leave,
But do not make out of love.
We can not meet for a long time,
But do not forget about each other!

I love going crazy.
Without you my whole life in vain.
Without your eyes, not your lips,
I'm so miserable without your hands.
I do not understand, but why
Fate gives me to meet you.
So that every time he saw you,
Sad when evening comes.

Congratulations, my favorite,
Happy Valentine's respectable.
He gave hope love,
Secret Marriage joined.
And he died for lovers. For us.
His heroism we honor today.
This is a celebration of hope in love.
Valentine - a bullfinch,
Krasnogruda birds winter
We are approaching of spring
And I hope to the hearts of lovers.
On that day, the way is open miracles.
On this day, there is a possibility to answer
Hear or "yes" or "no."
My favorite, I'm glad this day
Newly admitted our feelings - the reward.
Do not reward rather a surprise:
Our hearts lit love!
Let the day of St. Valentine
Will our holiday home.
To always love it blossomed
And warmth filled heart.
Congratulations, my favorite,
Happy Valentine kindest!

Loving you is hard for me to -
Love is not a response.
I want to erase your traces in the soul,
But, apparently, it is not given.
Damage even used tear
In simple valentine!

< br />In Valentine's Day
I can not hold back the avalanche
Defeated my feelings,
Revealing the secret gateway
And my love aspires,
Passion foams and rushes
To the best in the world!
Adorable !! To you!!!

Beautiful as you've always been God -
Now, and in his early years.
It affects women, sighing,
One can not help seeing eyes!
And I'm delighted to divide them,
You're not giving to others.
So much only I like,
All the feelings of freshness keeping!
You love me from a young age,
For hours at a window watched
I loved every breath and trail,
And worshiped your shadow!
All the same you're beautiful and young,
Although respectable adults
But you all the same hunger
The soul of my enthusiastic!
I love you, eyes and voice,
Love over the years more and more.
Let no one hair
Do not fall from your head!

I'm sorry for the fact that I love you.
Do not reproach, and do not blame me for nothing.
I help myself I can not.
I love you, and my life is beautiful.
I'm sorry for what I have always been
With you so reserved and courteous.
I'm just a woman, stubborn and proud,
But not to love you - there is no power.

I very love you…
I want to hug you,
To touch your body,
But you can not understand it,
You do not know my feelings.
Oh, if I knew (a) you, as I need
Your attention and love!
And I find it hard in this life
Without gentle, sweet your words ...

On this day, there is a possibility to answer
Hearing or "yes" or "no."
My favorite, I'm glad this day
Newly admitted our feelings - the reward.
Do not reward rather a surprise:
Our hearts love Ignite Momentum!