Coffee etiquette

Falling coffee on the table can be different. To his own coffee ritual. However, there are general guidelines.

Coffee etiquette

Covering a table for coffee first, put the coffeeservice. Each guest is put on the left side of a plate under the cake or cake, right - coffee cup and saucer. The handle of the cup should be parallel to the edge of the table. Teaspoon per cup is on the saucer, its handle must look right. Fork for the cake is put on the right of the plates. Just put on the coffee table hot milk or cream.

If the coffee is fed with milk, then thisuse special cups designed for a larger volume of beverage. This is necessary in order not to reduce the concentration of coffee and not to spoil the original taste of the drink.

For coffee - Iced use 250 ml beaker, and a ball of ice cream is put before the filing. A plate placed on the napkin, which is smaller than its diameter at 2.3 ml. On top put a glass.

Turkish coffee is served in the east. After cooking, it is served in a small cup. First, in her shift resulting cream, remove it twice. Later poured himself coffee. If you brewed coffee with spices, then get them after removing the foam.

When a ristretto, next put a glass of cool boiled water. It can be acidified with lemon at the guest's request.

Sugar has always served separately, and in any casecoffee does not interfere. If your guest is difficult to choose between espresso and cappuccino, the second post. It is softer and therefore will not cause negative emotions about the fortress.