Choose Turk

The fact that the true connoisseurs of coffee drink only onewhich is cooked in a Turk, everyone knows. And when you try this coffee, you will realize that they are right. Try to cook in Turku coffee should all coffee drinkers. If you consider yourself to this, then it's time you think about buying the Turks. Or pots. No one will tell you exactly what to call this dish correctly. According to some sources the Turk - did not acceptable naming, and on - the other, just the right pots. Some put forward the theory that the "pots" came out of Egypt, and "the Turk" from Armenia. Argue here is useless, and it is changing the name - the vessel does not change.

Choose Turk

It is one thing is clear that the preparation of coffeeTurk - a ritual. That you do not pour water into the container and turn the button on the coffee machine. Brew coffee Cezve - it means to give ourselves all the coffee, not be distracted no matter what. Therefore, you have left should be a time not only for the preparation of coffee, but also to enjoy them. Drinking a coffee on the go - it does not work.

When you decide to buy the Turk, of the proposedin the range of the store choose the one that is made of copper. The handle should be wood, not to look all the time tack as extra seconds finding the Turks in the fire sadly affect the quality of the beverage. Take in the Turk's hand, it should be good to go to hand. The bottom of the Turks should be thick. Be sure to ask your adviser about a certificate to this Turk. Do not forget that it's utensils for preparing a beverage, and it is better to buy a good store.

The Turks are of different volume. really appreciate the amount of people who will drink coffee at the same time. If you get up with a loved one, and a coffee people, it is better to buy the Turk is more. But if you are a single family, the large volume of pots you simply useless.