Care jeans

Do not give jeans to the dry cleaners. Chemicals quickly turn them into a doormat.

Part of jeans go on sale digested,It means interaction him.veschestv inevitably will shrink. Normal jeans necessarily sit in any laundry, but it is particularly difficult to get into them after they visit the hot drying washing machines.

Anyway, they quickly acquire the body shape,as soon as they again began to wear, not for nothing good jeans are sold under the slogan "more often erase - look better!". If you do not like the "break in" jeans after each wash, squeeze and flatten them on a rope, giving the desired shape with your fingers.

To denim longer retain its texture and color in the wash, it is desirable to adhere to the following simple rules:

- Before washing the zipper on jeans better fasten;

- Denim products should be washed only by removing the inside out;

- You can not use powders containing bleach;

- Soaking and washing detergent must be diluted in water, not sprinkled them denim products;

- Denim items should be washed separately from other things;

- Should be washed in warm water;

- Possible better wash by hand;

- Drying should not be twisting and pressing, and hung up, to get water.

Denim products with special doublepaint over overdye, giving them a deep, rich color can stain before the first wash, dirty body and even underwear. After the first washing or rinsing of these features, which manufacturer specially warn you, you will not be disturbed.

Jeans can not iron, but if it isfor some reason like to never do on the "arrow" jeans - even when the pants will fall inevitably folds under the knees and in the groin, a vertical arrow after the first ironing fade and be clearly visible.