Buy a Bra: 10 Tips

Did you know that the clothes you will sitperfect only if you wear a correctly chosen underwear? Most importantly, of course, choose a good bra - not only in texture and form, but also in size

Size bra

First of all, neobhoimosti correctly calculate your bra size. It is defined by two components, under the breast girth (e.g., 70, 75, 80) and measuring cup (A, B, C, D).

To determine your size, take their mostfavorite and comfortable bra that, in your opinion, is best suited to you by size. Just remember that it should be the most common bra (no foam or silicone and without push-up). Adjust the straps and take the measuring tape.

Measure the circumference under the breasts

Exhale, attach tape measure directly below the chest so that it is sufficiently tight to the body. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor strictly. This is the first figure.

We measure the volume of the breast

Stand up straight. Measure the circumference at the point protruding breasts. To do this, attach a measuring tape horizontally around the circumference so that it lies freely and not to compress the chest. This is the second digit.

Now subtract the numbers from the first second - and you will know the size of your cup.

Cup size difference in the amount of

AA 9-11 cm

A 11-13 cm

B 13-15 cm

C 15-17 cm

D 17-19 cm

DD 19-21 cm

E 21-23 cm

F 23-25 ​​cm

FF 25-27 cm

G 27-29 cm

GG 29-31sm

H 31-33 cm

Now round up the volume under the breast to the nearestmultiple of 5. For example, if the size under the breast is 73 cm, then round it up to 75; if the 81 -.. then to 80, etc. The result will be the second part of your bra size.


chest 83 cm, 72 cm under the bust - your size 70A

chest 92 cm, 77 cm under the bust - your size 75B

chest 104 cm, 81 cm under the bust - your size 80E

What are bras?

Buy a Bra: 10 Tips

Right to choose a model that will emphasizeYour dignity is no less important. Species bra great multitude, which only forms is currently not on sale! Looking ahead, I want to give a piece of advice: never buy bras transformers (with detachable straps, a zipper front and back at the same time), because they can not cope with a full function. Ideally you should have a separate bust for each case. Thus, review of models.

1. Full cup / full girth - designed primarily for the good support, these bras cover the entire breast.

2. Bra with bones - such bras provide very good support. Modern women appreciate the invention!

3. bras with straps criss-cross at the back. They fastened the front or back, some just put on over the head. This is a common model of sports bras.

4. Bra strap through the neck. As stated in the title, this bra has a strap that is worn around the neck. This is a more open model, they can be worn with shirts with the strap around the neck, as well as with open tops.

5. Silicone bras without back straps - can be worn on the back of a very open dresses, however, use a model can only owner not very large breasts.

6. Bra without straps. On this there is no bra straps at all, only the band. Some of these models also cover the abdomen. In these bras is better to go home.

7. Bras lined / increase bra - in cups of bras have additional tabs, which create the effect of more voluminous chest. The lining may be made of the same material as the bra, and a foam or gel. Gel is becoming more popular, as it gives a more natural look. Some bras removable tabs.

8. bras with light support. Such models do not have a seed. If you want to wear it all day long, and thus the size of your cup is greater than A, maybe you will not be enough of this support. The correct bra should be comfortable - regardless, whether he has a bone or not.

9. Sports bras - designed to reduce breast movement during exercise. While inexpensive models make it possible to do it, just clutching your chest, it's better if you can find a model with a certain size cups (small, medium or large), which is suitable for you, as is the case with conventional bras. They are more convenient.

10. Bras for feeding - for the convenience of nursing mothers on these bras have a clasp on each shoulder strap, a woman could easily remove it at feeding time, without removing the bra itself. The most common nursing bra is fully enclosed to provide additional support, in which a woman needs.