Boring ...

Boring. Domestic monotony and poverty of emotions accompany almost every inhabitant of the big and not so big city. When life comes to stability, its stubborn companion becomes boring, and the only way to resurrect a fresh perception of reality - the unceasing struggle for the quality of their everyday life.

Boring ...

Stability - a remarkable quality. It gives a sense of security and allows you to build long-term plans. Its only drawback - is gradually growing sense that this successful life - not yours, and this took place and realized the man in the mirror - not you.

And then I want everything to change. To cut a zero, to leave her husband, job, move to New Zealand, or go into a monastery. Tibetan. When the present life is not happy, is Enlightenment, Way of the Dragon, or Bushido. True to start is to try to disperse the boredom with the least consequences: improvised means in the framework of an established life. Haircut, throw, move and leave never too late.

Boredom - a painful state of mind caused by a lack of business, interest in his surroundings.

The main reason for boredom - the monotony of committed action.

Emotions are blunted every time weWe repeat the same route, the same mental operations. The main fear is of being modern circularity of movement: work - supermarket - home, work - all the same creative a minimum, the same schedule. To live on a constant schedule is not that boring. Impossible.

Think about what you can change now? There are two simple ways: either fill our lives with events, meetings, and projects or to reduce their number and finally get their hands on a lot of free time. The choice depends entirely on the will.

What events filled life? Psychologists, coaches and business consultants offer a versatile conversion tool of his life - "The list of one hundred and desires." Within a few days make up his hundred, even if many of them will seem unattainable.

Nothing disperses boredom and strengthens confidence in their domestic witchcraft, as the fulfillment of desires.

The main thing here - to come up with as much as possibledesires. Hundred - the optimal number. You write everything that comes to mind - from attending a concert by Paul McCartney to launch his own airplane model created from the publication of the book to study exotic language. Daily scroll through your list, analyzing how to fulfill a particular desire. Perhaps this is the best way to satiate their lives favorable developments and opportunities.

Psychologists say that each of us hasa kind of "drug", which helps to get away from the monotony of everyday life. For some, a daily dose of endorphins provides sports, someone meditates inspiration, someone engaged in collecting and someone goes to his head in hopeless romance.

All this is fine, but at some point,energize your hobby exhausted. Engage inertia once you love becomes very boring. Try to time to change their hobbies or supplement them. Do not be afraid of redistribution of emphasis.

Instill a taste for life. Practice shows that boredom disappear after the first bright emotions. Sometimes a gust of fresh wind, the first sign of autumn in the August heat, raises the desire to live, create and laugh.

Sometimes a sleepless night spent on a windowsill, with your favorite music on headphones, suddenly intensify all of the internal energy reserves and provides an incentive to transform lives.

The main thing - to see, hear and feel, rather thanwading in the swamp of endless repetitive thoughts and problems. Stop and look around. Inhale new air present intelligently and with pleasure. Live with taste sensations and then allow to perceive the world brighter and clearer than at the beginning of adolescence.

Changing, as many times as youplease. Ruthlessly reshape their image, look for the image that will best meet your new aspirations and plans. Unable to find once and for all "a most successful way." Finally. Just as it is impossible once and for all to defeat boredom. Life - it is a process, a constant creativity, everyday magic. And follow the winds of change - perhaps the only way to forget about boredom.